Chronicles of Skythia

Session 22 to X(26): Into the (Fey)Wild Blue Yonder

April 9, 472 PI:

The morning breaks bright & clear, the sunlight fliting in through the windows gently stirring the party from their sleep. All except Carric Featherfall who has left a note explainig that he was too excited to sleep and has headed off alone, he will meet up with them later and encourages them to undertake their own activities.

After a pleasant breakfast with their benefactor, the remaining crew is persuaded by Miguel Frost to see if they can pick up any clues to the dissappearance of Simone Frost. After much examination throughout the city the group finally catches a lead that indicates she headed towards an old grove to the north of Tower Watch.

April 11, 472 PI:

After two days of travel through thick dense bush and numerous cuts and scratches the three heroes emerge from the forest into a small clearing. Therein the discover a ruined elven village, several of the treetop houses having fallen to the forest floor. Examination of the structures reveals that the village hs long been abandoned and offers up a riddle to the party.

April 13, 472 PI:

After spending several days on the riddle, the solution finally clicks and the party solves it, causing an etherealy glowing barrow mound to appear in the clearing. Entering the tomb the group finds an inscription marking it to be the final resting place of Fallick Dragonbane “Friend of the Forest Peoples”. Following a stair case and hallway further down they find the darkness abruptly brightens up, the sun overhead illuminating the sky. The way behind them is gone and a light dust of snow is on the ground, but it was night a few moments ago and the snow had melted…........

As Mikir, Miquel and Gruumm gather their bearings they find themselves on a small patch of land surrounded by a boggy, festering swamp, a wet thick misty fog clings to the ground and twisted trees, the air damp and chilly. Facing the inevitable chore of trudging through the swamp the group picks a direction and begins an arduous slog through the marsh. The water is easily half as tall as a man (and more in places), but travelling slowly and carefully a path is gradually forged through the soggy terrain, occassionally interrupted by patches of solid land. After many long hours of travel what little light that reaches through the mist begins to fade and a thick sulphurous fog begins to roil up off the swamp. Avoiding it’s effects as much as possible the group quickly scrambles into some short trees to get above the gas and rest.

Meanwhile Carric is exploring an abandoned ruin in the Harkenwold Forest as he reaches the top floor of the ruined keep he finds a half-elf woman examining several books in what appears to be a ruined library. Startled she introduces herself as_. After some explanation she mentions that she believes there will be some sort of occurrance in the courtyard at midnight. As it approaches midnight the two see a glowing rune stone appear in the courtyard and venture down to examine it. As Carric leans in towards the stone, the amulet around his neck flares with blinding light, when vision returns they find themselves on a small dry clearing amidst a dark, dank bog.

Both groups travel through the swamp encountering it’s foul denizens and dealing with the ghastly sulphuric fog that roils in during the darkest parts of the night. After what seems like days Carric stumbles across a bog-witch and her henchmen and finds himself in serious trouble, but having heard the din of combat through the swamp, the others are able to hustle to the rescue and aid in the fight. In the end the party is victorious if only by the skin of their teeth.

Travelling onward after what seems like several days the swamp begins to receed and give way to a light forest which quickly thickens to a deep, tall, dark forest of towering deciduous trees. Gruumm doesn’t wish to repeat the nightmarish journey through the swamp and marks trees with his axe as they pass so he can tell where they’ve been. As light fails they decide to setup camp and settle in for the night. While on watch Mikir’s peaceful thoughts are interrupted as he notices a large group of paleskinned Eladrin archers that have surrounded their camp. Mikir immedietly alerts his comrades and the order to “take them to the Lord” is given. Battle is quickly joined and despite the overwhelming numbers and the many minor pincushion holes, the party is victorious in short order.

After several more weeks of travel the forest gives way to a large clearing across which can be seen a towering grove of silver hued trees, reaching thousands of feet in to the sky to caress the clouds themselves. As the group walks towards the grove a a warparty of Eladrin springs from the thick grasses and dmeands to know who they are and why they are interloping on the lands of the Summer Fey. After some longwinded explanation the party is escorted to the base of an enormous tree where a seemingly rope powered, open air lift drops from the trees quite rapidly. Unfortunately Gruumm decides to test the stability of the lift platform and jumps into the air as the lift is ascending, unwilling to see what would happen if the massive barbarian lands, Carric pushes the barbarian off the lift and he plummets dozens of feet to the ground. The Eladrin on guard below laugh at Gruumm’s stupidity while uptop the party sees an enormous treetop city spreadout amongst many trees, with branches wide enough to use as avenues and buildings shaped from the living trees themselves. It is a magnificent work of architecture and by far bypasses the treecity of Silverfall. The treetop group is escorted to a small dwelling and told to make themselves at home for the evening.

Session 21: Tower Watch

April 8, 472 PI:

Battered, weary and grimy from their wilderness trek the heroes finally can see the central clock tower of the city on the horizon, growing brightly in the sunlight. They soon make it to the gates of Tower Watch where they find themselves subject to an entrance tax of 2 gold each. After learning that the fee is used to maintain the defeneses and roads around the city the party grudgingly hands over the monies requested and is granted entrance.

Searching for the library, the group moves towards the centre of the city where the guards deny them entrance to the inner city until Miguel Frost reveals his identity. Upon which they are ushered inside immediately and sent for an audience with the city’s leader.

After a brief wait the heroes are ushered into a large study, where a tall elderly man in full processional armor stands in front of a large wooden desk. He greets the party warmly introducing himself (somewhat haughtily) as Sir Tamil Coldfane, the last man knighted by a true emperor. He enjoys the visit with Miquel especially and inquires about his family and father in particular as they have been friends for a long time. Sir Tamil Coldfane is obviously saddened to hear of the current affairs in Winterhaven and offers his condolences. As the party’s goal is revealed he immediately transcribes a document for them giving them full access to the library, invites them for supper after they wrap up their investigation for the day and offers his guesthouse for the group’s use for as long as they like with the promise of warm baths at their convenience.

Shoertly thereafter the group immediately heads for the library a mere couple of blocks away. It is a large structure 6 stories tall, with a massive footprint, it appears to have been carved from a single block of marble if such a thing were possible. The inside is equally impressive with large statues and pillars dominanting each floor and a majestic central staircase providing easy access to the various floors.

After many hours of searching Carric Featherfall final finds a note hidden in a book which directs him to a ruined elven city 40 miles to the south-east.

After a lovely late supper and a relaxing bath, the party enjoys a long sleep on warm, soft matresses—no road pillows tonight.

Session 20: A Brief Stop

March 28, 472 PI: Once inside Hammerfast the group quickly splits up and goes about their business. Jarfin heads off to make a mysterious meeting and then the church of Bahamut to say good-bye to his friends. Mikir immediately shambles off to the church to see if the temples herbalists can provide a medical solution to his ailment and finds they are able to get him a salve that will cure his illness within a day or two.

March 29, 472 PI:

The party makes an appointment to see the Thane so they can deliver their messages from Blackwall. Their visit is brief and Blackwall’s concerns are dismissed out of hand somewhat unkindly. Jarfin is seen on the way out apparantly talking to an official of the church.

Rather than stay and relax and see the sights (drinks?) that Hammerfast has to offer, Wunderlust has struck again and this time it is Carrick eager to leave; he wishes to head off to Tower Watch to see if he can pursue a lost elven artifact. with nothing else seeming too pressing the party agrees to the course of action.

March 30, 472 PI:

Departing Hammerfast the group heads off directly south, travelling over the plain and through the woods rather than go around to take the woods…

April 3, 472 PI:

A decision that might be regreted later as a Red Dragon swoops out of the sky, spraying the party with Dragonfire! A vicious battle ensues, the dragon staying tantilizingly close, but out of reach of the melee warriors for much of the fight, frustrating them to no end. Finally with his companions badly wounded Mikir is able to land a solid blow and drive the fearsome beast off into the sky.

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Session 19: 2 Dragonics, a Barbarian & a Flaming Town

March 24, 472 PI:

The group says their goodbyes to Blackwall once more and heads out on the road to Hammerfast, signs on the road indicate hightened predator activity and the party proceeds cautiously onward.

Mikir starts to feel ill and travels in the thankfully purchased wagon for most of the trip, unable to keep much food down and feeling quite feverish.

March 26, 472 PI:

A badly mauled trade caravan is encountered on the road, 2 of their guardsmen dead to large claw and bite wounds, while the remaining guards and traders sustaining some wounds as well. They claim to have been attacked by an enormous wolf and later that night the group hears loud howling and is indeed attacked by an enormous slavering wolf, the leg of a slain man hanging grotesquely from it’s powerful teeth. The heroes are able to slay the mighty creature and take it’s pelt, thinking it might fetch a handsome price.

March 28, 472 PI:

As noon approaches the city of Hammerfast can be seen high above on the mountain side, it’s buildings shining in the sun with a light glint of snow. But something is clearly amiss, thick black smoke rises from several buildings, the city burning. The cause soon becomes apparant as a green scaled dragonborn and large blue dragon stand guard over the Caverns of Colius, the tunnel system that leads to the trail up the mountain. They demand the surrender of all arms and a steep toll to enter the city claiming that it as theirs. As battle is about to ensue an enormous man approaches over a low rise and glares menacingly at the dragonborn, drawing forth an enormous axe and charging forward. The heroes quickly follow suit and battle is joined. Throughout the fight the axe-warrior and dragonborn trade barbs and growls and it is readily apparant to all that they are familiar to one another. After a long exhausting fight the dragonborn and his draconic ally choose the better part of valor and flee rapidly away. Questioning of the axe-warrior reveals that his name is Gruumm and that he is chasing a group of five dragonborn who slew his young family and much of his people as well. Seeing each other as useful the two groups join forces for the interm and make their way into the city.

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Session 18: Back in Black(wall)

March 20, 472 PI:

After a long winter away the party returns to their adopted home. It has immediately become apparant that Blackwall has been devestated in their absence by a short siege. A force of humanoids, primarily gnolls decended from the wild and devestated much of the townsite. The inner keep was able to repel the invading force, but not until many lives and most of the structures were destroyed. The people are still determined and are already working hard to rebuild under the guidance of the council. The council has shrunk by a member for the time being however as the elderly councilman Kava Blackscale led a successful but ill fated charge at the attacker’s supply train. After a long visit with the injured Birel, Carrick is presented with a beautiful Yew bow of exceptional craftsmanship, it is clearly extremely valuable. What significance this gift holds is not known at the time…..?

March 23, 472 PI:

After the group spends a few days helping with the rebuilding efforts and helping train the milita, Jarfin begins to get an itch to head back to Hammerfast. He is worried about a possible attack there and eager to report to his superior and resume his usual duties. Jarfin checks in with The Boss to see what favours he owes and is able to solicit the help of his friends to accompany him on his return journey in case of danger.

Sessions 15 to 17: Winter, haven?

November 30, 471, PI:

As the shock and adrenaline of combat wears off, the remaining heroes escort the body of Osiris to the temple of Bahamut for funerary rites.

At the temple they are briefly accosted by a distraught man who on spotting the body demands to know what they’ve done to his sister. After the story is told the man introduces himself as Miguel Frost, the brother of Leigh Frost or as she was known to the party Osiris. After the clergy man is able to confirm Miguel’s identity it is agreed that the body shall be transported back to Winterhaven for proper internment in the family crypt and that the party shall escort Osiris’s body back to show their respects. After Jarfin casts Gentle Repose on the body, the party leaves Miguel with his sister for the night to prepare for the journey.

As the party steps outside however they are ambushed as crossbow bolts whiz out of the darkness. A large dragonborn wrapped in a red scarf jumps down from a nearby rooftop and assaults Mikir, inviting him to join them and abandon the walking detritus he currently associates with. A brief melee ensues, using good team work the heroes are able to handily best their assailants with only one of the three crossbow men able to flee.

December 1, 471 PI:

The next day the group decides to delay their departure in order to find out the results of the re-vote and to purchase some supplies for the journey. Haberk ends up soundly defeated and Tyrion is able to sell a small box of old healing potions to Mikir who then redistributes them amongst the party.

Later that day the group sets off to Winterhaven with Osiris’s casket safely stowed in their trusted wagon. A few days travel go by with the group familiarizing themselves with their newest member more or less uneventfully.Miguel tells them of the demon possessing his town and what might await, while everyone shares about themselves. Eventually they reach the beginnings of the mountain range, their journey but a few dozen miles from completion.

December 4, 471 PI:

At night however on Carrick’s watch he sees claws glinting in the moonlight reaching for his sleeping companions, distracted he fails to see the ones reaching for his own neck……….

Carric shouts out a warning and the party springs awake as the twisted, filthy claws of the unliving tear at their flesh. An intense fight ensues made much more challenging by the inner cold radiated outwards by the undead and the refusal of the twisted cultist leading them to die. But eventually all are sent back to the earth and after moving their camp a short distance the party resumes it’s rest.

December 5, 471 PI:

The dawn brings chill northerly winds and as the morning wears on, snow that gets damper and more intense as the day wears on. Soon the party finds themselves in the midst of a raging blizzard and doing their best to brace themselves for the worst of the elements determinedly presses on.

By midafternoon they reach where the pass should be, but it has been buried in a rockslide and is already covered in glistening snow and ice. After an arduous climb, the party begins its slow decent down the mountain side with the dim light fading quickly. As nightfalls the party reaches the treeline and manages a makeshift camp. Huddling together for warmth the party manages to not succumb further to the cold that has been gnawing away at their strength and heat.

December 6, 471 PI:

The next morning dawns similar to the way the previous day ended, the raging blizzard goes on and the cold causes their strength to ebb away ever more fervently. As the day wears on Jorfin and Carric begin to succumb to the cold, their lifesigns growing fainter by the hour. As night falls once more the group seeks shelter under a large evergreen and once more spends the night in close quarters.

December 7, 471 PI:

The morning comes and the storm rages on still, it becomes apparant to all that if they do not reach Winterhaven today Jorfin and Carric will most certainly fall victim to the elements. The day is long and arduous, the snow had piled up well over two feet deep in places and is a hard slog for an already exhausted team. Mikir manages to keep Carric and Jorfin going, chanelling some of his own life force into them in the hopes of keeping them alive long enough to reach town. By midafternoon things are looking fairly bleak, they have hours at most before two of their number will be gone. As things look to be at their worst the walls of Winterhaven come into sight around a bend and despite another hour of trudging through the snow, the party safely reaches the city. Miguel quickly leads the group through the empty streets to his families estate and a spot in front of a roaring fire. A servant brings food before departing for the evening.

December 8, 471 PI:

The morning brings renewed vigor, Carric and Jorfin are feeling considerably better and well rested. Their morning of peaceful convelescence is ruined however by an angry mob pressing against the doors and windows of the manor, desperately trying to find a way inside.

Miguel quickly leads the party out a secret passage(locking it behind them)that leads out through the family crypt. Leaving Osiris body in the crypt, the party leaves the necropolis and makes its way cautiously through the town, but it appears deserted. Having noticed amulets on the crowd and knowing of the demon’s possession of the town a scheme to take some amulets from hopefully deserted homes and infiltrate the church is hatched. The first house they search yields nothing, but the second is a jewellers shop and unearth’s a cart filled to the brim with the cursed things, the evil radiating from them is palbable. Jorfin blesses the cart & amulets, removing the taint upon them and each party member except Miguel takes one to wear. Miguel is then dragged to the church by Carric and Mikir, made to appear as their Prisoner.

As they approach the church they are met by a robed acolyte who seeing the amulets and prisoner lets them inside.

A large humanoid figure, it’s face devoid of features other than a pair of glowing orbs stands in front of a bloodstained, desecrated altar of Bahamut, his acolytes surrounding him in a rough half-circle. Behind him a pair of large winged hound creatures bristle with spines.

The foul creature spreads his wings and commands Miguel to kneel before him, his words seeming to echo forcefully in the mind. Miguel manages to shake off the magical compulsion, his resolve too strong to be broken so easily. The ruse shattered as the acolytes rush forward toward Miguel, the party finds themselves fighting for their lives once again. After a long battle the demon is sent back to the lower planes vanishing in a puff of brimstone.

Scouting out the town reveals that with the demon’s hold on them broken, most of the townsfolk have lost conciousness. Which wouldn’t be an issue except for the raging blizzard and lack of adequate clothing on most of them. With the help of the priest of Bahamut(who was seemingly unaffected by the demon’s power) the party is able to get most of the townspeople rescued and warmed up, but it appears that a few more have died in the last act of this tragedy.

Returning to the manor house Miguel finds his father dying, hanging from the rafters, having been unable to cope with the guilt he feels over his actions. A quick thinking Jorfin is able to save him however, pouring his own life force into the dying nobleman.

The Senior Frost give his son his journal and a key and answers his son’s questions about his sister and mother before drifting off to sleep.

A search of the study reveals a hidden lock, which the key opens to reveal a hidden passage and a suit of gleaming armor that Miguel claims as his own.

December 15, 471 PI:

Now that things have settled down in the town and things have largely returned to normal the party takes some snowshoes and sets off to the mines to ensure their are no dangerous remnants there, since it is where the stones originated from. Another arduous journey through the winter snows is tiring and taxing and the party immediately sets up camp in the mouth of the mine upon their arrival. Later examination of the mine reveals nothing of danger or importantance and the party heads back for town.

December 17, 471 PI:

Debate about whether or not the journey back to Black wall should be risked or not is carried out, and eventually it is decided that it is just too difficult with all the snow that has already accumulated (8+ feet in places). And so winter is spent helping the citizens of Winterhaven rebuild their shattered lives.

March 16, 472 PI:

Winter has finally broken enough that a departure is possible, the snows have started to melt and spring has come early to these parts it seems. With a new bounce in their steps, the heroes depart for Black wall.

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Sessions 12 to 14: Curious Case of the Corpsified Clerk (or Election I Rigged)

November 24, 471 PI:

The weary heroes gracefully accept the offers of citizenship and prepare themselves for the coming vote.

November 25, 471 PI:

Early the next day they are met by a dwarven inquisitor from Hammerfast who has been sent by the church of Bahamut to Blackwall to ensure Haberk Alderock (dwarf councillor) is not re-elected (as he is desired back in Hammerfast) and to investigate reports of sorcery in Blackwall. After leaning on the party to assist him in his endeavours (which proves fairly easy with two devout Paladins of Bahamut in the party) the group travels to the home of the Hammerfast Ambassador, Narwick Blood-axe to see what information can be gleaned about the why’s and wherefores of the task. Inquisitor Jarfin manages to set up a meeting with “the boss”; who runs the underworld in Blackwall and arranges for the election to be fixed so that Haberk will neither win or be killed—-at the cost of TWO favours to be called in at a later date.

Meanwhile, Carrick busies himself trying to contact Valastion the were-rat, hoping that he might be able to help him with some information on the other missing elven artifacts. The two Paladins neither condone or stop the Inquisitors actions allowing his plan to proceed.

November 26, 471 PI:

Early the next morning, before the crack of dawn; the party is awakened by the pounding of guardsmen and escorted to the council chamber where they are told of the apparent murder of Narwick Blood-axe in his house. Due to it being election day and the mounting fear of corrupt guardsmen the party is asked to investigate the death.

November 27, 471 PI:

In the meantime the election results are tallied and look quite promising for the heroes as their preferred candidates win seats(Birel Stormwatcher(elf), Adolan(human), Kava Bloodscale (dragonborn) and Tyrion(tiefling)). However jaws drop as the dwarven results are declared, Haberk has received more votes than there are eligible voters—is it possible he has cheated? With the results in doubt and the crowd buzzing a re-vote is called on the dwarven seat for the next day.

November 30, 471 PI: Several days of intense investigation begin after several important clues (red cloth, gaping chest wounds, a small piece of cold iron) give multiple leads and a fairly large list of suspects.

The party’s investigation eventually leads them to the Night Watch garrison and after a long tense interrogation the party is leaving, suspicious after having not eliminated anyone there as a suspect when Carrick notices a faint bit of red cloth in the fireplace. It is charred nearly beyond recognition, but a mending ritual cast by Jarfin reveals it to be a scarf, with a piece missing of the exact size and shape as that of the scrap that was previously found.

The party them resumes its interrogation, until under magical questioning lieutenant Saral Caine slams an axe into Jarfin, which appears out of thin air. A large combat ensues with the nightwatch lieutenant and captain as well as 6 guards engaging the party, 2 guardsmen and the daywatch captain. The battle is an intense, gritty affair with no quarter given. Eventually, badly wounded, Saral Caine cruelly slams his axe into the unconscious form of Osiris the Paladin and flees through the window. Osiris would sadly not be so fortunate, the shock being more than her body could bear as she shudders her last on the cold stone floor.

The surviving guardsmen is then made the new night watch captain as the Daywatch captain summarily executes the old one.

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Sessions 10 & 11: A Windswept Gnoll

November 21, 471 PI:

After wrapping up their investigative efforts for the night Malcom and Mikir the Noble awake to find Osiris/ Leigh Frost and Carric Featherfall back at the Inn. They are enjoying breakfast when several watchmen burst in saying that they have been summoned by councilman Alderock to deal with an impending Gnoll attack. After informing the party that the Blackhands were also hired to aid in this endeavour, and given the aid of Enna (Half-Elf Ranger), an associate of Alderocks; the party is sent on it’s way to defeat the incursion. Suspicious of the timing of the attack, the party nonetheless departs town immediately, preparing themselves for the inevitable battle(s) to come.

They wouldn’t have to wait long, as a mere few miles down the road, the party encounters a Gnoll raiding party hiding in the brush. After a desperate clash, the party is victorious, and binding their wounds continue on their way.

A few miles later Carrick and Enna are scouting ahead and spot a group of Gnolls heading down the road towards the group. Heading back they group quickly sets an ambush, but it backfires as the Gnolls are able to gang up on Enna before she can retreat. A long drawn out brawl ensues with all members of the party making face time with the ground except Osiris. After heroically occupying a Gnoll archer while the rest of the group was otherwise occupied or unconscious(and certainly saving a life), it appears the Malcom has succumbed to his wounds.

After giving Malcom a proper send off, the bruised and battered party decided to rest for a few hours to regain their strength.

November 22, 471 PI:

Waking during the early predawn hours the party continued it’s desperate march onwards through the forest, soon a light rain began to fall, making the journey even less enjoyable. After a few miles of drudgery, a lone gnoll was spotted by Carrick while scouting. Letting the gnoll advance it eventually encountered the rest of the group and yelping quickly fled off the way it came.

A short while later, the sounds of arguing could faintly be heard from up ahead and fearing the worst, the party prepared themselves for combat. Rushing forwards they were not entirely surprised to see the Black Hands, who having let the scout rush back to the gnoll camp(not wanting to start a noisy combat) were busy debating tactics. A tense discussion of tactics ensued, with both groups deciding to split into their respective groups and ambush the 2 guard patrols. A Nameless Warlord from the Black Hands goes with the party to shore up the numbers.

The ambush is successful(the guards are caught unawares) and a skirmish ensues, A couple of the Black Hands are slain, but all in all the fight seems to be going well until reinforcements arrive. After once more turning the tide, wounded but not defeated things seem to be going fairly well for the heroes until 3 large gnolls emerge from the central tent and attack the party to devastating effect. Ravida (the leader of the Black Hands) and his crew sit the rest of this one out, opting instead to stand guard over their fallen team mate (a female wizard). The gnolls continue to be very efficient as several party members ping-pong in and out of consciousness. The Warlord falls and in short order manages to choke to death on his on blood. At the last it comes down to a gritty, do or die grind between Mikir, Enna and a Gnoll spearman. Eventually a telling blow is landed and the party has managed to pull through another battle by the skin of their teeth.

Harvesting ears and paws, for proof, the party heads back to Blackwall as fast as their battered bodies can take them to claim their reward.

November 24, 471 PI:

Councilman Alderock (Dwarf) meets them, having already heard the tale of the two group’s impressive victory and received the gnoll scalps from Ravida. Nonetheless he is impressed at how few gnolls reached the town and rewards the PCs with some coin and offers citizenship to any who want it, but needs an answer right away if they wish to vote in the election in Two Days.

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Sessions 8 & 9: Amulets, Murder, Speeches & Assassins

November 14, 471 PI:

With Mikir tied down due to his commitment and Carrick jumping at the bit to return home with his reacquired treasure, Osiris and Malcom agreed to accompany him back to Silverfall.

After purchasing some supplies, a cart and horse and hoping they didn’t get fleeced by the shifty horse-dealer; the trio set out for Silverfall. Travelling along the Winter River seemed the fastest and least obtrusive route so they set to follow the river. Unfortunately a river crossing was soon necessary, but judicious application of the Tenser’s Floating Disk ritual enabled the cart to be lifted across easily and everyone else was able to cross upstream along some rocky outcroppings.

November 15, 471 PI:

In the midst of a motivational and inspirational speech about why Tyrion is the right Tiefling for the job; Mikir is struck in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt. A glance reveals the sniper’s rooftop location as he looses a second bolt, wounding Mikir further. Spotted, the would be assassin runs off across the rooftops, already wounded Mikir chooses to let him go. All he is left to go on is the distinctive red and white fletched crossbow bolts the assassin “left behind”.

After healing up a bit, Mikir resumed and finished his speech (to thunderous applause), leaving the stage to Tyrion with plans to meet up later to collect his new weapon. About an hour later Tyrion met Mikir at his shop and took him over to Teldoran house to see what they were able to obtain for him. After being presented with his new hammer, Mikir tested it for balance and weight, and satisfied with the purchase handed over the full price despite the discount as he did not want to be beholden to anyone. Tyrion thanked him for his services and the two men went their separate ways.

November 16, 471 PI:

A few days of travel wiled away uneventfully until a sign written in a strange language was found. Malcom used his Comprehend Languages ritual to read the sign “stay out” in the giant’s script. No large foot prints or other markings were to be found and somewhat worried and confused the trio continued their trek.

The confusion was soon solved as a pair of orc sentries in piecemeal armour gradually came into view. Carrick recognized them as belonging to the SkullCrusher tribe; a large nation of orcs with several settlements in the region that has significant trade relations with Silverfall. After a brief discussion the party was directed to the chieftain’s longhouse. Carrick and Malcom entered the building with Osiris outside to guard their stuff.

After introductionsthe chief thanked them for stopping by to inform him of their travel plans and were told that the signs were for the gnolls that had plagued this region of late. After learning that the orcs hoped to set-up trade relations with Hammerfast and Blackwall, the two were dismissed with the chief’s blessing and a warning to be cautious of the shaman and some of the other orcs; as many still cling to the old ways and view them as “puny pink skins”.

After repurchasing some supplies the group set out once more. After the last couple uneventful days and nights of travel, the group had gotten lax in their caution and were ambushed by 3 large leaping spiders shortly after reaching the cover of the forest canopy. A Harrowing battle ensued in which everyone was poisoned at least once and everyone succumbed to unconsciousness as well. At the last with her companions laying dying on the ground around her and herself grievously wounded, Osiris managed to at last deal a skewering blow to the final of the spiders. Under her steady ministrations she was able to save her companions from the Raven Queen’s cold embrace and they soon recovered fully.

November 17, 471 PI:

Silverfall was an astonishing sight to behold for those who had not seen it’s glory before. The elves had crafted a wondrous city in and around the trees themselves; merging wood, stone, metal and the materials of the forest into a splendorous living city high above the forest floor. Carrick guided them through the city to his families large estate where they met with his father. After the formalities are dispensed with Carrick is praised for bringing back the family treasure and the fact that four other noble families have had heirlooms stolen as well is revealed.

At his father’s urging Carrick attempts to place the amulet around his father’s neck but finds that the chain is too short; when he places it around his own neck however it fits perfectly. His father is able to tell him that the amulet chooses it’s wearer and that aside from some small protections it also gives the bearer the ability to speak with the ancestors. Deciding to try it out Carrick takes his companions to the family crypt-tree where the dead are interred and after some fierce concentration is able to call forth his grandfather’s spirit. His grandfather expresses his pride, but is unable to answer Carrick’s questions about the thefts.

Having completed their mission the group spends the night and makes their preparations to depart.

November 20, 471 PI:

After a few more days of rest and prayer(and destroying Pomponius posters), Mikir decided to go talk to Pomponius’ competition; a young man by the name of Adollan (no relation to Carreris) and offer him his support. Shortly thereafter Malcolm and a newly found friend (George, a Dragonborn Fighter) arrived in town, and given the additional support Mikir and co. went off to visit Kava Blackscale (the dragonborn elder) to see if he knew anything about the assassination attempt. Kava was able to tell them that white and red are colors often associated with the Crimson Ardents a mysterious group that not much is known about. More investigations (with Carreris and the Tiefling Elder) revealed little more.

Malcom thought it would be a good idea to talk to Valastion (the were-rat he had heard about Mikir helping before). Believing him to be staying in a room at the Gassy Gnoll under the guise of ‘Victor’, Malcom knocked on his door and persuaded him to come down for a drink. A meeting was quickly arranged for 2 bells after sundown in the market square.

That evening as the group began to converse with Valastion in the empty market they heard footsteps approaching closer. An Ambush! Valastion began to mumble “ They’ve found me” over and over to himself huddling at the back, trembling. As the ambushers stepped into the faint moonlight Mikir recognized a couple from his earlier encounter with Valastion, clearly their earlier brush with death had done little to change their ways. A brief clash ensued and the thugs were soundly defeated. Afterwards Valastion was more than happy to reveal the little he knew about the Crimson Ardents, that they are a group mainly comprised of big mover’s and shakers, but could include almost anyone.

The next day the group heard word of a strange new ship in town with flags that no one recognized and headed over to the docks to check things out. Once there Malcom immediately recognized the flags as those of Duccal and implored that the group withdraw immediately. Curious about the new arrival (and worried on Malcom’s part) the party ventured over to the council chambers to ask about the new arrivals only to find they were already in a meeting with council. Later that night as the group was retiring Malcom ran into his old friend Elmdor Thurris, whom he found out was on a trade mission to establish relations with the city. While Malcom reconnected with his friend, the rest of the party organized a “cake walk” to raise money for orphans.

On the morn of Elmdor’s departure Malcom went up to his room to see him off only to find his friend’s charred corpse levitating above the bed. A broken window latch was found on the floor inside the room, magical interrogation of the body revealed that a large shape was spotted in the window.

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Sessions 5 to 7: Silver Solutions

November 6, 471 PI:

Carric Featherfall immediately set out for the mine, eager to earn some money to get his heirloom back. Shortly thereafter the rest of the party decided to set out to follow.

November 8, 471 PI:

After two days of travelling through the light forest of the Moon Hills, Malcom , Mikir the Noble and Osiris/ Leigh Frost run into a barely legible sign written poorly in the common tongue “stay out”. Ignoring the sign the three heroes quickly found their way to the front of the mine. As they prepared to enter however they were ambushed by a group of small reptilian humanoids.

As the rest of the group waged a pitched battle, Carric Featherfall was steathily making his way further into the mine; hearing the sounds of battle behind him and surmising it to be his companions, he hustled back and was able to arrive in time to prevent a rout.

Entering the mine, the reunited party discovered a large gong and were relieved that the kobolds hadn’t managed to ring it during battle. After some discussion on whether to ring it now and bring all the kobolds out now and take of things all at once, the party erred on the side of caution.

Venturing through the cavernous mine several slain miners are discovered and honoured appropriately. Among the bodies a pouch containing mine coins is also found. The entire mine explored, the party is about to head back when the keen eyes of Carric Featherfall spot a hidden door in one of the walls.

Entering the passage the part runs into another group of kobolds and moves to engage them. Combat quickly became more complicated as one of the kobolds ran to the far wall and flicked a small switch. Paying him no heed Osiris/ Leigh Frost moved to engage one of the kobold warriors and hears an audible click as she stepped on a hidden trigger plate. A spinning column sheathed in blades emerged from a hole in the floor and proceeded to move about the room wildly, shredding all in its path. After the short, but bloody encounter the heroes began to smash the panel, ending the threat of the trap.

As the party progressed through the mine they discovered another unguarde gong room and a watch post with a large crossbow mounted on a moveable turret. Malcom thought some bolts may be of some use and picked up a large Mage Hand full. As the tunnel reached a fork, the left path was chosen, leading to a smelly refuse pit which was quickly bypassed. The next chamber led to the discovery of three of the missing miners, chained up and working at an ore vein. Mikir the Noble thinking quickly wraps the chains in his bedroll to silence them and proceeds to “open” them with his hammer. The slaves thank the party profusely and nervously agree to wait near the mine entrance for their return.

Opening the next door the party is startled to see a large host of kobolds in large rectangular hall awaiting them. Three are on al edge 15’ above the floor in the back with no clear way to get up to them. A large pit filled with spikes is in the centre of the room with 6 kobolds on either side. Osiris/ Leigh Frost is first to act and tries to toss one of the kobolds into the pit; her attempt is easily disrupted and is met with a pair of quick slashes in return. The ebb and flow of battle goes back and forth each side seeming to have the upper hand several times, the kobolds on the ledge raining down pots full of nasty substances and dark sorcery down upon the heroes until Carric Featherfall manages to shoot them down. The ground battle is no less intense as each side attempts to toss each other into the pit, Osiris/ Leigh Frost proving to be the most adept at doing so. The other two prove quite effective Malcom ’s magic and Mikir the Noble ’s breath ending the lives of several kobolds at once. Eventually only one kobold remained, cornered against the edge of the pit, with no alternaitve he made a fantastic leap…only to be shot out of the sky by Carric Featherfall. Reacting quickly the kobold grabbed the far ledge of the pit. Mikir the Noble called for surrender, but an enragedOsiris/ Leigh Frost tossed a throwing axe at him anyway, narrowly missing. Malcom tried to knock him back into the pit with a Thunderwave, but the little fellow tenaciously rode out the wave of force. Getting up the kobold slashed at the wizard twice, knocking him unconcious and then dropped his blades and surrendered, his avenues of escape blocked. His surrender was accepted by Mikir the Noble and Carric Featherfall quickly tied him up with his silk rope. Osiris/ Leigh Frost and Malcom wish to kill him anyway but are rebuffed by the others.

Healing up the party scours the area and find: a note implicated someone known as K, a bar of silver stamped with a lightning bolt, halfling masks, & a suit of dwarven plate +1 are found. The captive kobold spills the beans on what little he knows and the party heads towards the passage they missed, captive in tow.

Soon the party finds a stout wooden door which Mikir the Noble ’s shoulder makes short work of interrupting a small group of kobolds playing cards. A kobold flips the table over for protection. Carric Featherfall spots the placement of several trigger plates in the floor and shouts warning to the two paladins as they move to engage. He sweeps up his bow to support the paladins in melee, but in doing so released his trailing rope on his captive. Wasting no time the kobold runs an activates one of the trigger plates a large spear emerging from a hole in the wall impaling him in the side and severing enough rope to allow him to burst free with a mighty flex. Taking up the spear that hit him and sweeping one up from one of the already slain kobolds he unleashes a dual wielding fury on Osiris/ Leigh Frost He eventually tells the last surviving kobold to flee and warn the others, who manages to escape despite Malcom striking him with a ray of frost. The dual wielder is quickly surrounded and half-jokingly supposes that surrender is out of the question, but fights to the last eventually being cut down.

Down the cooridor the hall forks again and Carric Featherfall sneaks up to the door on the right, hearing soft voices inside. He beckons the group forward and the door is smashed open, Malcom opens with a Magic Missle killing the young kobold woman huddled on the floor in panic.

Moving on the party sneaks up to the remaining door hearing sounds of alarm, preperation and orders being given. A few thuds later and the hinges give way. inside makeshift mantlets have been made out of tables and beds, whimpers can be heard from the back of the room. A large well muscled kobold stands in front. After a long and tense discussion it is revealed that humans killed the miners and the previous cheiftan(slain by the party already) had been dealing with them. He apologizes for the actions of his more bloodthirsty kin who he says have been corrupted by human ways and offers a deal to take to the town: Allow his people to stay here and keep a rightful share of the silver and they will help the town to mine it and show them the best veins and their mining secrets.

November 10, 471 PI:

Back in Black wall the council is divided. The elderly human councillor and young tiefling both want the kobolds exterminated, while Haberk Alderrockand Birel Stormwatcherwould both ideally like to work with the kobolds. The swing vote comes down to Kava Blackscale. After he orders a review of the numbers, he approves the deal and the vote ends in favour, 3-2. Haberk Alderrock accompanies the party back to the mine to sign the deal.

November 12, 471 PI:

The deal is quickly approved and hammered out with the new chieftan of the kobolds and the party is awarded 6000sp each in bank notes.

November 14, 471 PI: When the party arrives back inBlack Wall the fall election campaign is in full swing, posters and signs are plastered all across town, most notably for the current council, Tyrion and Pomponius.

After a short jaunt to the market to receive Carric Featherfall’s ancestral amulet which he is releived to possess once more, the party goes to Carris Adolan to see if he has more work for them, he does not but does say that Tyrion is looking for Mikir the Noble. Honour bound by his promise Mikir the Noble goes off to meet Tyrion who asks for the pladins endorsement for town council as the favour he is owed. After some thought it is agreed and a meet-up with Tyrion’s competitors is arranged so that the paladin can obtain a magic weapon with a small discount. The weapon should arrive in a couple days with the speech required tomorrow in mid afternoon.


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