Chronicles of Skythia

Session 18: Back in Black(wall)

March 20, 472 PI:

After a long winter away the party returns to their adopted home. It has immediately become apparant that Blackwall has been devestated in their absence by a short siege. A force of humanoids, primarily gnolls decended from the wild and devestated much of the townsite. The inner keep was able to repel the invading force, but not until many lives and most of the structures were destroyed. The people are still determined and are already working hard to rebuild under the guidance of the council. The council has shrunk by a member for the time being however as the elderly councilman Kava Blackscale led a successful but ill fated charge at the attacker’s supply train. After a long visit with the injured Birel, Carrick is presented with a beautiful Yew bow of exceptional craftsmanship, it is clearly extremely valuable. What significance this gift holds is not known at the time…..?

March 23, 472 PI:

After the group spends a few days helping with the rebuilding efforts and helping train the milita, Jarfin begins to get an itch to head back to Hammerfast. He is worried about a possible attack there and eager to report to his superior and resume his usual duties. Jarfin checks in with The Boss to see what favours he owes and is able to solicit the help of his friends to accompany him on his return journey in case of danger.



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