Chronicles of Skythia

Session 19: 2 Dragonics, a Barbarian & a Flaming Town

March 24, 472 PI:

The group says their goodbyes to Blackwall once more and heads out on the road to Hammerfast, signs on the road indicate hightened predator activity and the party proceeds cautiously onward.

Mikir starts to feel ill and travels in the thankfully purchased wagon for most of the trip, unable to keep much food down and feeling quite feverish.

March 26, 472 PI:

A badly mauled trade caravan is encountered on the road, 2 of their guardsmen dead to large claw and bite wounds, while the remaining guards and traders sustaining some wounds as well. They claim to have been attacked by an enormous wolf and later that night the group hears loud howling and is indeed attacked by an enormous slavering wolf, the leg of a slain man hanging grotesquely from it’s powerful teeth. The heroes are able to slay the mighty creature and take it’s pelt, thinking it might fetch a handsome price.

March 28, 472 PI:

As noon approaches the city of Hammerfast can be seen high above on the mountain side, it’s buildings shining in the sun with a light glint of snow. But something is clearly amiss, thick black smoke rises from several buildings, the city burning. The cause soon becomes apparant as a green scaled dragonborn and large blue dragon stand guard over the Caverns of Colius, the tunnel system that leads to the trail up the mountain. They demand the surrender of all arms and a steep toll to enter the city claiming that it as theirs. As battle is about to ensue an enormous man approaches over a low rise and glares menacingly at the dragonborn, drawing forth an enormous axe and charging forward. The heroes quickly follow suit and battle is joined. Throughout the fight the axe-warrior and dragonborn trade barbs and growls and it is readily apparant to all that they are familiar to one another. After a long exhausting fight the dragonborn and his draconic ally choose the better part of valor and flee rapidly away. Questioning of the axe-warrior reveals that his name is Gruumm and that he is chasing a group of five dragonborn who slew his young family and much of his people as well. Seeing each other as useful the two groups join forces for the interm and make their way into the city.

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