Chronicles of Skythia

Session 20: A Brief Stop

March 28, 472 PI: Once inside Hammerfast the group quickly splits up and goes about their business. Jarfin heads off to make a mysterious meeting and then the church of Bahamut to say good-bye to his friends. Mikir immediately shambles off to the church to see if the temples herbalists can provide a medical solution to his ailment and finds they are able to get him a salve that will cure his illness within a day or two.

March 29, 472 PI:

The party makes an appointment to see the Thane so they can deliver their messages from Blackwall. Their visit is brief and Blackwall’s concerns are dismissed out of hand somewhat unkindly. Jarfin is seen on the way out apparantly talking to an official of the church.

Rather than stay and relax and see the sights (drinks?) that Hammerfast has to offer, Wunderlust has struck again and this time it is Carrick eager to leave; he wishes to head off to Tower Watch to see if he can pursue a lost elven artifact. with nothing else seeming too pressing the party agrees to the course of action.

March 30, 472 PI:

Departing Hammerfast the group heads off directly south, travelling over the plain and through the woods rather than go around to take the woods…

April 3, 472 PI:

A decision that might be regreted later as a Red Dragon swoops out of the sky, spraying the party with Dragonfire! A vicious battle ensues, the dragon staying tantilizingly close, but out of reach of the melee warriors for much of the fight, frustrating them to no end. Finally with his companions badly wounded Mikir is able to land a solid blow and drive the fearsome beast off into the sky.

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