Chronicles of Skythia

Session 21: Tower Watch

April 8, 472 PI:

Battered, weary and grimy from their wilderness trek the heroes finally can see the central clock tower of the city on the horizon, growing brightly in the sunlight. They soon make it to the gates of Tower Watch where they find themselves subject to an entrance tax of 2 gold each. After learning that the fee is used to maintain the defeneses and roads around the city the party grudgingly hands over the monies requested and is granted entrance.

Searching for the library, the group moves towards the centre of the city where the guards deny them entrance to the inner city until Miguel Frost reveals his identity. Upon which they are ushered inside immediately and sent for an audience with the city’s leader.

After a brief wait the heroes are ushered into a large study, where a tall elderly man in full processional armor stands in front of a large wooden desk. He greets the party warmly introducing himself (somewhat haughtily) as Sir Tamil Coldfane, the last man knighted by a true emperor. He enjoys the visit with Miquel especially and inquires about his family and father in particular as they have been friends for a long time. Sir Tamil Coldfane is obviously saddened to hear of the current affairs in Winterhaven and offers his condolences. As the party’s goal is revealed he immediately transcribes a document for them giving them full access to the library, invites them for supper after they wrap up their investigation for the day and offers his guesthouse for the group’s use for as long as they like with the promise of warm baths at their convenience.

Shoertly thereafter the group immediately heads for the library a mere couple of blocks away. It is a large structure 6 stories tall, with a massive footprint, it appears to have been carved from a single block of marble if such a thing were possible. The inside is equally impressive with large statues and pillars dominanting each floor and a majestic central staircase providing easy access to the various floors.

After many hours of searching Carric Featherfall final finds a note hidden in a book which directs him to a ruined elven city 40 miles to the south-east.

After a lovely late supper and a relaxing bath, the party enjoys a long sleep on warm, soft matresses—no road pillows tonight.



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