Chronicles of Skythia

Session 22 to X(26): Into the (Fey)Wild Blue Yonder

April 9, 472 PI:

The morning breaks bright & clear, the sunlight fliting in through the windows gently stirring the party from their sleep. All except Carric Featherfall who has left a note explainig that he was too excited to sleep and has headed off alone, he will meet up with them later and encourages them to undertake their own activities.

After a pleasant breakfast with their benefactor, the remaining crew is persuaded by Miguel Frost to see if they can pick up any clues to the dissappearance of Simone Frost. After much examination throughout the city the group finally catches a lead that indicates she headed towards an old grove to the north of Tower Watch.

April 11, 472 PI:

After two days of travel through thick dense bush and numerous cuts and scratches the three heroes emerge from the forest into a small clearing. Therein the discover a ruined elven village, several of the treetop houses having fallen to the forest floor. Examination of the structures reveals that the village hs long been abandoned and offers up a riddle to the party.

April 13, 472 PI:

After spending several days on the riddle, the solution finally clicks and the party solves it, causing an etherealy glowing barrow mound to appear in the clearing. Entering the tomb the group finds an inscription marking it to be the final resting place of Fallick Dragonbane “Friend of the Forest Peoples”. Following a stair case and hallway further down they find the darkness abruptly brightens up, the sun overhead illuminating the sky. The way behind them is gone and a light dust of snow is on the ground, but it was night a few moments ago and the snow had melted…........

As Mikir, Miquel and Gruumm gather their bearings they find themselves on a small patch of land surrounded by a boggy, festering swamp, a wet thick misty fog clings to the ground and twisted trees, the air damp and chilly. Facing the inevitable chore of trudging through the swamp the group picks a direction and begins an arduous slog through the marsh. The water is easily half as tall as a man (and more in places), but travelling slowly and carefully a path is gradually forged through the soggy terrain, occassionally interrupted by patches of solid land. After many long hours of travel what little light that reaches through the mist begins to fade and a thick sulphurous fog begins to roil up off the swamp. Avoiding it’s effects as much as possible the group quickly scrambles into some short trees to get above the gas and rest.

Meanwhile Carric is exploring an abandoned ruin in the Harkenwold Forest as he reaches the top floor of the ruined keep he finds a half-elf woman examining several books in what appears to be a ruined library. Startled she introduces herself as_. After some explanation she mentions that she believes there will be some sort of occurrance in the courtyard at midnight. As it approaches midnight the two see a glowing rune stone appear in the courtyard and venture down to examine it. As Carric leans in towards the stone, the amulet around his neck flares with blinding light, when vision returns they find themselves on a small dry clearing amidst a dark, dank bog.

Both groups travel through the swamp encountering it’s foul denizens and dealing with the ghastly sulphuric fog that roils in during the darkest parts of the night. After what seems like days Carric stumbles across a bog-witch and her henchmen and finds himself in serious trouble, but having heard the din of combat through the swamp, the others are able to hustle to the rescue and aid in the fight. In the end the party is victorious if only by the skin of their teeth.

Travelling onward after what seems like several days the swamp begins to receed and give way to a light forest which quickly thickens to a deep, tall, dark forest of towering deciduous trees. Gruumm doesn’t wish to repeat the nightmarish journey through the swamp and marks trees with his axe as they pass so he can tell where they’ve been. As light fails they decide to setup camp and settle in for the night. While on watch Mikir’s peaceful thoughts are interrupted as he notices a large group of paleskinned Eladrin archers that have surrounded their camp. Mikir immedietly alerts his comrades and the order to “take them to the Lord” is given. Battle is quickly joined and despite the overwhelming numbers and the many minor pincushion holes, the party is victorious in short order.

After several more weeks of travel the forest gives way to a large clearing across which can be seen a towering grove of silver hued trees, reaching thousands of feet in to the sky to caress the clouds themselves. As the group walks towards the grove a a warparty of Eladrin springs from the thick grasses and dmeands to know who they are and why they are interloping on the lands of the Summer Fey. After some longwinded explanation the party is escorted to the base of an enormous tree where a seemingly rope powered, open air lift drops from the trees quite rapidly. Unfortunately Gruumm decides to test the stability of the lift platform and jumps into the air as the lift is ascending, unwilling to see what would happen if the massive barbarian lands, Carric pushes the barbarian off the lift and he plummets dozens of feet to the ground. The Eladrin on guard below laugh at Gruumm’s stupidity while uptop the party sees an enormous treetop city spreadout amongst many trees, with branches wide enough to use as avenues and buildings shaped from the living trees themselves. It is a magnificent work of architecture and by far bypasses the treecity of Silverfall. The treetop group is escorted to a small dwelling and told to make themselves at home for the evening.



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