Chronicles of Skythia

Sessions 10 & 11: A Windswept Gnoll

November 21, 471 PI:

After wrapping up their investigative efforts for the night Malcom and Mikir the Noble awake to find Osiris/ Leigh Frost and Carric Featherfall back at the Inn. They are enjoying breakfast when several watchmen burst in saying that they have been summoned by councilman Alderock to deal with an impending Gnoll attack. After informing the party that the Blackhands were also hired to aid in this endeavour, and given the aid of Enna (Half-Elf Ranger), an associate of Alderocks; the party is sent on it’s way to defeat the incursion. Suspicious of the timing of the attack, the party nonetheless departs town immediately, preparing themselves for the inevitable battle(s) to come.

They wouldn’t have to wait long, as a mere few miles down the road, the party encounters a Gnoll raiding party hiding in the brush. After a desperate clash, the party is victorious, and binding their wounds continue on their way.

A few miles later Carrick and Enna are scouting ahead and spot a group of Gnolls heading down the road towards the group. Heading back they group quickly sets an ambush, but it backfires as the Gnolls are able to gang up on Enna before she can retreat. A long drawn out brawl ensues with all members of the party making face time with the ground except Osiris. After heroically occupying a Gnoll archer while the rest of the group was otherwise occupied or unconscious(and certainly saving a life), it appears the Malcom has succumbed to his wounds.

After giving Malcom a proper send off, the bruised and battered party decided to rest for a few hours to regain their strength.

November 22, 471 PI:

Waking during the early predawn hours the party continued it’s desperate march onwards through the forest, soon a light rain began to fall, making the journey even less enjoyable. After a few miles of drudgery, a lone gnoll was spotted by Carrick while scouting. Letting the gnoll advance it eventually encountered the rest of the group and yelping quickly fled off the way it came.

A short while later, the sounds of arguing could faintly be heard from up ahead and fearing the worst, the party prepared themselves for combat. Rushing forwards they were not entirely surprised to see the Black Hands, who having let the scout rush back to the gnoll camp(not wanting to start a noisy combat) were busy debating tactics. A tense discussion of tactics ensued, with both groups deciding to split into their respective groups and ambush the 2 guard patrols. A Nameless Warlord from the Black Hands goes with the party to shore up the numbers.

The ambush is successful(the guards are caught unawares) and a skirmish ensues, A couple of the Black Hands are slain, but all in all the fight seems to be going well until reinforcements arrive. After once more turning the tide, wounded but not defeated things seem to be going fairly well for the heroes until 3 large gnolls emerge from the central tent and attack the party to devastating effect. Ravida (the leader of the Black Hands) and his crew sit the rest of this one out, opting instead to stand guard over their fallen team mate (a female wizard). The gnolls continue to be very efficient as several party members ping-pong in and out of consciousness. The Warlord falls and in short order manages to choke to death on his on blood. At the last it comes down to a gritty, do or die grind between Mikir, Enna and a Gnoll spearman. Eventually a telling blow is landed and the party has managed to pull through another battle by the skin of their teeth.

Harvesting ears and paws, for proof, the party heads back to Blackwall as fast as their battered bodies can take them to claim their reward.

November 24, 471 PI:

Councilman Alderock (Dwarf) meets them, having already heard the tale of the two group’s impressive victory and received the gnoll scalps from Ravida. Nonetheless he is impressed at how few gnolls reached the town and rewards the PCs with some coin and offers citizenship to any who want it, but needs an answer right away if they wish to vote in the election in Two Days.

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