Chronicles of Skythia

Sessions 12 to 14: Curious Case of the Corpsified Clerk (or Election I Rigged)

November 24, 471 PI:

The weary heroes gracefully accept the offers of citizenship and prepare themselves for the coming vote.

November 25, 471 PI:

Early the next day they are met by a dwarven inquisitor from Hammerfast who has been sent by the church of Bahamut to Blackwall to ensure Haberk Alderock (dwarf councillor) is not re-elected (as he is desired back in Hammerfast) and to investigate reports of sorcery in Blackwall. After leaning on the party to assist him in his endeavours (which proves fairly easy with two devout Paladins of Bahamut in the party) the group travels to the home of the Hammerfast Ambassador, Narwick Blood-axe to see what information can be gleaned about the why’s and wherefores of the task. Inquisitor Jarfin manages to set up a meeting with “the boss”; who runs the underworld in Blackwall and arranges for the election to be fixed so that Haberk will neither win or be killed—-at the cost of TWO favours to be called in at a later date.

Meanwhile, Carrick busies himself trying to contact Valastion the were-rat, hoping that he might be able to help him with some information on the other missing elven artifacts. The two Paladins neither condone or stop the Inquisitors actions allowing his plan to proceed.

November 26, 471 PI:

Early the next morning, before the crack of dawn; the party is awakened by the pounding of guardsmen and escorted to the council chamber where they are told of the apparent murder of Narwick Blood-axe in his house. Due to it being election day and the mounting fear of corrupt guardsmen the party is asked to investigate the death.

November 27, 471 PI:

In the meantime the election results are tallied and look quite promising for the heroes as their preferred candidates win seats(Birel Stormwatcher(elf), Adolan(human), Kava Bloodscale (dragonborn) and Tyrion(tiefling)). However jaws drop as the dwarven results are declared, Haberk has received more votes than there are eligible voters—is it possible he has cheated? With the results in doubt and the crowd buzzing a re-vote is called on the dwarven seat for the next day.

November 30, 471 PI: Several days of intense investigation begin after several important clues (red cloth, gaping chest wounds, a small piece of cold iron) give multiple leads and a fairly large list of suspects.

The party’s investigation eventually leads them to the Night Watch garrison and after a long tense interrogation the party is leaving, suspicious after having not eliminated anyone there as a suspect when Carrick notices a faint bit of red cloth in the fireplace. It is charred nearly beyond recognition, but a mending ritual cast by Jarfin reveals it to be a scarf, with a piece missing of the exact size and shape as that of the scrap that was previously found.

The party them resumes its interrogation, until under magical questioning lieutenant Saral Caine slams an axe into Jarfin, which appears out of thin air. A large combat ensues with the nightwatch lieutenant and captain as well as 6 guards engaging the party, 2 guardsmen and the daywatch captain. The battle is an intense, gritty affair with no quarter given. Eventually, badly wounded, Saral Caine cruelly slams his axe into the unconscious form of Osiris the Paladin and flees through the window. Osiris would sadly not be so fortunate, the shock being more than her body could bear as she shudders her last on the cold stone floor.

The surviving guardsmen is then made the new night watch captain as the Daywatch captain summarily executes the old one.

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