Chronicles of Skythia

Sessions 15 to 17: Winter, haven?

November 30, 471, PI:

As the shock and adrenaline of combat wears off, the remaining heroes escort the body of Osiris to the temple of Bahamut for funerary rites.

At the temple they are briefly accosted by a distraught man who on spotting the body demands to know what they’ve done to his sister. After the story is told the man introduces himself as Miguel Frost, the brother of Leigh Frost or as she was known to the party Osiris. After the clergy man is able to confirm Miguel’s identity it is agreed that the body shall be transported back to Winterhaven for proper internment in the family crypt and that the party shall escort Osiris’s body back to show their respects. After Jarfin casts Gentle Repose on the body, the party leaves Miguel with his sister for the night to prepare for the journey.

As the party steps outside however they are ambushed as crossbow bolts whiz out of the darkness. A large dragonborn wrapped in a red scarf jumps down from a nearby rooftop and assaults Mikir, inviting him to join them and abandon the walking detritus he currently associates with. A brief melee ensues, using good team work the heroes are able to handily best their assailants with only one of the three crossbow men able to flee.

December 1, 471 PI:

The next day the group decides to delay their departure in order to find out the results of the re-vote and to purchase some supplies for the journey. Haberk ends up soundly defeated and Tyrion is able to sell a small box of old healing potions to Mikir who then redistributes them amongst the party.

Later that day the group sets off to Winterhaven with Osiris’s casket safely stowed in their trusted wagon. A few days travel go by with the group familiarizing themselves with their newest member more or less uneventfully.Miguel tells them of the demon possessing his town and what might await, while everyone shares about themselves. Eventually they reach the beginnings of the mountain range, their journey but a few dozen miles from completion.

December 4, 471 PI:

At night however on Carrick’s watch he sees claws glinting in the moonlight reaching for his sleeping companions, distracted he fails to see the ones reaching for his own neck……….

Carric shouts out a warning and the party springs awake as the twisted, filthy claws of the unliving tear at their flesh. An intense fight ensues made much more challenging by the inner cold radiated outwards by the undead and the refusal of the twisted cultist leading them to die. But eventually all are sent back to the earth and after moving their camp a short distance the party resumes it’s rest.

December 5, 471 PI:

The dawn brings chill northerly winds and as the morning wears on, snow that gets damper and more intense as the day wears on. Soon the party finds themselves in the midst of a raging blizzard and doing their best to brace themselves for the worst of the elements determinedly presses on.

By midafternoon they reach where the pass should be, but it has been buried in a rockslide and is already covered in glistening snow and ice. After an arduous climb, the party begins its slow decent down the mountain side with the dim light fading quickly. As nightfalls the party reaches the treeline and manages a makeshift camp. Huddling together for warmth the party manages to not succumb further to the cold that has been gnawing away at their strength and heat.

December 6, 471 PI:

The next morning dawns similar to the way the previous day ended, the raging blizzard goes on and the cold causes their strength to ebb away ever more fervently. As the day wears on Jorfin and Carric begin to succumb to the cold, their lifesigns growing fainter by the hour. As night falls once more the group seeks shelter under a large evergreen and once more spends the night in close quarters.

December 7, 471 PI:

The morning comes and the storm rages on still, it becomes apparant to all that if they do not reach Winterhaven today Jorfin and Carric will most certainly fall victim to the elements. The day is long and arduous, the snow had piled up well over two feet deep in places and is a hard slog for an already exhausted team. Mikir manages to keep Carric and Jorfin going, chanelling some of his own life force into them in the hopes of keeping them alive long enough to reach town. By midafternoon things are looking fairly bleak, they have hours at most before two of their number will be gone. As things look to be at their worst the walls of Winterhaven come into sight around a bend and despite another hour of trudging through the snow, the party safely reaches the city. Miguel quickly leads the group through the empty streets to his families estate and a spot in front of a roaring fire. A servant brings food before departing for the evening.

December 8, 471 PI:

The morning brings renewed vigor, Carric and Jorfin are feeling considerably better and well rested. Their morning of peaceful convelescence is ruined however by an angry mob pressing against the doors and windows of the manor, desperately trying to find a way inside.

Miguel quickly leads the party out a secret passage(locking it behind them)that leads out through the family crypt. Leaving Osiris body in the crypt, the party leaves the necropolis and makes its way cautiously through the town, but it appears deserted. Having noticed amulets on the crowd and knowing of the demon’s possession of the town a scheme to take some amulets from hopefully deserted homes and infiltrate the church is hatched. The first house they search yields nothing, but the second is a jewellers shop and unearth’s a cart filled to the brim with the cursed things, the evil radiating from them is palbable. Jorfin blesses the cart & amulets, removing the taint upon them and each party member except Miguel takes one to wear. Miguel is then dragged to the church by Carric and Mikir, made to appear as their Prisoner.

As they approach the church they are met by a robed acolyte who seeing the amulets and prisoner lets them inside.

A large humanoid figure, it’s face devoid of features other than a pair of glowing orbs stands in front of a bloodstained, desecrated altar of Bahamut, his acolytes surrounding him in a rough half-circle. Behind him a pair of large winged hound creatures bristle with spines.

The foul creature spreads his wings and commands Miguel to kneel before him, his words seeming to echo forcefully in the mind. Miguel manages to shake off the magical compulsion, his resolve too strong to be broken so easily. The ruse shattered as the acolytes rush forward toward Miguel, the party finds themselves fighting for their lives once again. After a long battle the demon is sent back to the lower planes vanishing in a puff of brimstone.

Scouting out the town reveals that with the demon’s hold on them broken, most of the townsfolk have lost conciousness. Which wouldn’t be an issue except for the raging blizzard and lack of adequate clothing on most of them. With the help of the priest of Bahamut(who was seemingly unaffected by the demon’s power) the party is able to get most of the townspeople rescued and warmed up, but it appears that a few more have died in the last act of this tragedy.

Returning to the manor house Miguel finds his father dying, hanging from the rafters, having been unable to cope with the guilt he feels over his actions. A quick thinking Jorfin is able to save him however, pouring his own life force into the dying nobleman.

The Senior Frost give his son his journal and a key and answers his son’s questions about his sister and mother before drifting off to sleep.

A search of the study reveals a hidden lock, which the key opens to reveal a hidden passage and a suit of gleaming armor that Miguel claims as his own.

December 15, 471 PI:

Now that things have settled down in the town and things have largely returned to normal the party takes some snowshoes and sets off to the mines to ensure their are no dangerous remnants there, since it is where the stones originated from. Another arduous journey through the winter snows is tiring and taxing and the party immediately sets up camp in the mouth of the mine upon their arrival. Later examination of the mine reveals nothing of danger or importantance and the party heads back for town.

December 17, 471 PI:

Debate about whether or not the journey back to Black wall should be risked or not is carried out, and eventually it is decided that it is just too difficult with all the snow that has already accumulated (8+ feet in places). And so winter is spent helping the citizens of Winterhaven rebuild their shattered lives.

March 16, 472 PI:

Winter has finally broken enough that a departure is possible, the snows have started to melt and spring has come early to these parts it seems. With a new bounce in their steps, the heroes depart for Black wall.

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