Chronicles of Skythia

Sessions 5 to 7: Silver Solutions

November 6, 471 PI:

Carric Featherfall immediately set out for the mine, eager to earn some money to get his heirloom back. Shortly thereafter the rest of the party decided to set out to follow.

November 8, 471 PI:

After two days of travelling through the light forest of the Moon Hills, Malcom , Mikir the Noble and Osiris/ Leigh Frost run into a barely legible sign written poorly in the common tongue “stay out”. Ignoring the sign the three heroes quickly found their way to the front of the mine. As they prepared to enter however they were ambushed by a group of small reptilian humanoids.

As the rest of the group waged a pitched battle, Carric Featherfall was steathily making his way further into the mine; hearing the sounds of battle behind him and surmising it to be his companions, he hustled back and was able to arrive in time to prevent a rout.

Entering the mine, the reunited party discovered a large gong and were relieved that the kobolds hadn’t managed to ring it during battle. After some discussion on whether to ring it now and bring all the kobolds out now and take of things all at once, the party erred on the side of caution.

Venturing through the cavernous mine several slain miners are discovered and honoured appropriately. Among the bodies a pouch containing mine coins is also found. The entire mine explored, the party is about to head back when the keen eyes of Carric Featherfall spot a hidden door in one of the walls.

Entering the passage the part runs into another group of kobolds and moves to engage them. Combat quickly became more complicated as one of the kobolds ran to the far wall and flicked a small switch. Paying him no heed Osiris/ Leigh Frost moved to engage one of the kobold warriors and hears an audible click as she stepped on a hidden trigger plate. A spinning column sheathed in blades emerged from a hole in the floor and proceeded to move about the room wildly, shredding all in its path. After the short, but bloody encounter the heroes began to smash the panel, ending the threat of the trap.

As the party progressed through the mine they discovered another unguarde gong room and a watch post with a large crossbow mounted on a moveable turret. Malcom thought some bolts may be of some use and picked up a large Mage Hand full. As the tunnel reached a fork, the left path was chosen, leading to a smelly refuse pit which was quickly bypassed. The next chamber led to the discovery of three of the missing miners, chained up and working at an ore vein. Mikir the Noble thinking quickly wraps the chains in his bedroll to silence them and proceeds to “open” them with his hammer. The slaves thank the party profusely and nervously agree to wait near the mine entrance for their return.

Opening the next door the party is startled to see a large host of kobolds in large rectangular hall awaiting them. Three are on al edge 15’ above the floor in the back with no clear way to get up to them. A large pit filled with spikes is in the centre of the room with 6 kobolds on either side. Osiris/ Leigh Frost is first to act and tries to toss one of the kobolds into the pit; her attempt is easily disrupted and is met with a pair of quick slashes in return. The ebb and flow of battle goes back and forth each side seeming to have the upper hand several times, the kobolds on the ledge raining down pots full of nasty substances and dark sorcery down upon the heroes until Carric Featherfall manages to shoot them down. The ground battle is no less intense as each side attempts to toss each other into the pit, Osiris/ Leigh Frost proving to be the most adept at doing so. The other two prove quite effective Malcom ’s magic and Mikir the Noble ’s breath ending the lives of several kobolds at once. Eventually only one kobold remained, cornered against the edge of the pit, with no alternaitve he made a fantastic leap…only to be shot out of the sky by Carric Featherfall. Reacting quickly the kobold grabbed the far ledge of the pit. Mikir the Noble called for surrender, but an enragedOsiris/ Leigh Frost tossed a throwing axe at him anyway, narrowly missing. Malcom tried to knock him back into the pit with a Thunderwave, but the little fellow tenaciously rode out the wave of force. Getting up the kobold slashed at the wizard twice, knocking him unconcious and then dropped his blades and surrendered, his avenues of escape blocked. His surrender was accepted by Mikir the Noble and Carric Featherfall quickly tied him up with his silk rope. Osiris/ Leigh Frost and Malcom wish to kill him anyway but are rebuffed by the others.

Healing up the party scours the area and find: a note implicated someone known as K, a bar of silver stamped with a lightning bolt, halfling masks, & a suit of dwarven plate +1 are found. The captive kobold spills the beans on what little he knows and the party heads towards the passage they missed, captive in tow.

Soon the party finds a stout wooden door which Mikir the Noble ’s shoulder makes short work of interrupting a small group of kobolds playing cards. A kobold flips the table over for protection. Carric Featherfall spots the placement of several trigger plates in the floor and shouts warning to the two paladins as they move to engage. He sweeps up his bow to support the paladins in melee, but in doing so released his trailing rope on his captive. Wasting no time the kobold runs an activates one of the trigger plates a large spear emerging from a hole in the wall impaling him in the side and severing enough rope to allow him to burst free with a mighty flex. Taking up the spear that hit him and sweeping one up from one of the already slain kobolds he unleashes a dual wielding fury on Osiris/ Leigh Frost He eventually tells the last surviving kobold to flee and warn the others, who manages to escape despite Malcom striking him with a ray of frost. The dual wielder is quickly surrounded and half-jokingly supposes that surrender is out of the question, but fights to the last eventually being cut down.

Down the cooridor the hall forks again and Carric Featherfall sneaks up to the door on the right, hearing soft voices inside. He beckons the group forward and the door is smashed open, Malcom opens with a Magic Missle killing the young kobold woman huddled on the floor in panic.

Moving on the party sneaks up to the remaining door hearing sounds of alarm, preperation and orders being given. A few thuds later and the hinges give way. inside makeshift mantlets have been made out of tables and beds, whimpers can be heard from the back of the room. A large well muscled kobold stands in front. After a long and tense discussion it is revealed that humans killed the miners and the previous cheiftan(slain by the party already) had been dealing with them. He apologizes for the actions of his more bloodthirsty kin who he says have been corrupted by human ways and offers a deal to take to the town: Allow his people to stay here and keep a rightful share of the silver and they will help the town to mine it and show them the best veins and their mining secrets.

November 10, 471 PI:

Back in Black wall the council is divided. The elderly human councillor and young tiefling both want the kobolds exterminated, while Haberk Alderrockand Birel Stormwatcherwould both ideally like to work with the kobolds. The swing vote comes down to Kava Blackscale. After he orders a review of the numbers, he approves the deal and the vote ends in favour, 3-2. Haberk Alderrock accompanies the party back to the mine to sign the deal.

November 12, 471 PI:

The deal is quickly approved and hammered out with the new chieftan of the kobolds and the party is awarded 6000sp each in bank notes.

November 14, 471 PI: When the party arrives back inBlack Wall the fall election campaign is in full swing, posters and signs are plastered all across town, most notably for the current council, Tyrion and Pomponius.

After a short jaunt to the market to receive Carric Featherfall’s ancestral amulet which he is releived to possess once more, the party goes to Carris Adolan to see if he has more work for them, he does not but does say that Tyrion is looking for Mikir the Noble. Honour bound by his promise Mikir the Noble goes off to meet Tyrion who asks for the pladins endorsement for town council as the favour he is owed. After some thought it is agreed and a meet-up with Tyrion’s competitors is arranged so that the paladin can obtain a magic weapon with a small discount. The weapon should arrive in a couple days with the speech required tomorrow in mid afternoon.



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