Chronicles of Skythia

Sessions 8 & 9: Amulets, Murder, Speeches & Assassins

November 14, 471 PI:

With Mikir tied down due to his commitment and Carrick jumping at the bit to return home with his reacquired treasure, Osiris and Malcom agreed to accompany him back to Silverfall.

After purchasing some supplies, a cart and horse and hoping they didn’t get fleeced by the shifty horse-dealer; the trio set out for Silverfall. Travelling along the Winter River seemed the fastest and least obtrusive route so they set to follow the river. Unfortunately a river crossing was soon necessary, but judicious application of the Tenser’s Floating Disk ritual enabled the cart to be lifted across easily and everyone else was able to cross upstream along some rocky outcroppings.

November 15, 471 PI:

In the midst of a motivational and inspirational speech about why Tyrion is the right Tiefling for the job; Mikir is struck in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt. A glance reveals the sniper’s rooftop location as he looses a second bolt, wounding Mikir further. Spotted, the would be assassin runs off across the rooftops, already wounded Mikir chooses to let him go. All he is left to go on is the distinctive red and white fletched crossbow bolts the assassin “left behind”.

After healing up a bit, Mikir resumed and finished his speech (to thunderous applause), leaving the stage to Tyrion with plans to meet up later to collect his new weapon. About an hour later Tyrion met Mikir at his shop and took him over to Teldoran house to see what they were able to obtain for him. After being presented with his new hammer, Mikir tested it for balance and weight, and satisfied with the purchase handed over the full price despite the discount as he did not want to be beholden to anyone. Tyrion thanked him for his services and the two men went their separate ways.

November 16, 471 PI:

A few days of travel wiled away uneventfully until a sign written in a strange language was found. Malcom used his Comprehend Languages ritual to read the sign “stay out” in the giant’s script. No large foot prints or other markings were to be found and somewhat worried and confused the trio continued their trek.

The confusion was soon solved as a pair of orc sentries in piecemeal armour gradually came into view. Carrick recognized them as belonging to the SkullCrusher tribe; a large nation of orcs with several settlements in the region that has significant trade relations with Silverfall. After a brief discussion the party was directed to the chieftain’s longhouse. Carrick and Malcom entered the building with Osiris outside to guard their stuff.

After introductionsthe chief thanked them for stopping by to inform him of their travel plans and were told that the signs were for the gnolls that had plagued this region of late. After learning that the orcs hoped to set-up trade relations with Hammerfast and Blackwall, the two were dismissed with the chief’s blessing and a warning to be cautious of the shaman and some of the other orcs; as many still cling to the old ways and view them as “puny pink skins”.

After repurchasing some supplies the group set out once more. After the last couple uneventful days and nights of travel, the group had gotten lax in their caution and were ambushed by 3 large leaping spiders shortly after reaching the cover of the forest canopy. A Harrowing battle ensued in which everyone was poisoned at least once and everyone succumbed to unconsciousness as well. At the last with her companions laying dying on the ground around her and herself grievously wounded, Osiris managed to at last deal a skewering blow to the final of the spiders. Under her steady ministrations she was able to save her companions from the Raven Queen’s cold embrace and they soon recovered fully.

November 17, 471 PI:

Silverfall was an astonishing sight to behold for those who had not seen it’s glory before. The elves had crafted a wondrous city in and around the trees themselves; merging wood, stone, metal and the materials of the forest into a splendorous living city high above the forest floor. Carrick guided them through the city to his families large estate where they met with his father. After the formalities are dispensed with Carrick is praised for bringing back the family treasure and the fact that four other noble families have had heirlooms stolen as well is revealed.

At his father’s urging Carrick attempts to place the amulet around his father’s neck but finds that the chain is too short; when he places it around his own neck however it fits perfectly. His father is able to tell him that the amulet chooses it’s wearer and that aside from some small protections it also gives the bearer the ability to speak with the ancestors. Deciding to try it out Carrick takes his companions to the family crypt-tree where the dead are interred and after some fierce concentration is able to call forth his grandfather’s spirit. His grandfather expresses his pride, but is unable to answer Carrick’s questions about the thefts.

Having completed their mission the group spends the night and makes their preparations to depart.

November 20, 471 PI:

After a few more days of rest and prayer(and destroying Pomponius posters), Mikir decided to go talk to Pomponius’ competition; a young man by the name of Adollan (no relation to Carreris) and offer him his support. Shortly thereafter Malcolm and a newly found friend (George, a Dragonborn Fighter) arrived in town, and given the additional support Mikir and co. went off to visit Kava Blackscale (the dragonborn elder) to see if he knew anything about the assassination attempt. Kava was able to tell them that white and red are colors often associated with the Crimson Ardents a mysterious group that not much is known about. More investigations (with Carreris and the Tiefling Elder) revealed little more.

Malcom thought it would be a good idea to talk to Valastion (the were-rat he had heard about Mikir helping before). Believing him to be staying in a room at the Gassy Gnoll under the guise of ‘Victor’, Malcom knocked on his door and persuaded him to come down for a drink. A meeting was quickly arranged for 2 bells after sundown in the market square.

That evening as the group began to converse with Valastion in the empty market they heard footsteps approaching closer. An Ambush! Valastion began to mumble “ They’ve found me” over and over to himself huddling at the back, trembling. As the ambushers stepped into the faint moonlight Mikir recognized a couple from his earlier encounter with Valastion, clearly their earlier brush with death had done little to change their ways. A brief clash ensued and the thugs were soundly defeated. Afterwards Valastion was more than happy to reveal the little he knew about the Crimson Ardents, that they are a group mainly comprised of big mover’s and shakers, but could include almost anyone.

The next day the group heard word of a strange new ship in town with flags that no one recognized and headed over to the docks to check things out. Once there Malcom immediately recognized the flags as those of Duccal and implored that the group withdraw immediately. Curious about the new arrival (and worried on Malcom’s part) the party ventured over to the council chambers to ask about the new arrivals only to find they were already in a meeting with council. Later that night as the group was retiring Malcom ran into his old friend Elmdor Thurris, whom he found out was on a trade mission to establish relations with the city. While Malcom reconnected with his friend, the rest of the party organized a “cake walk” to raise money for orphans.

On the morn of Elmdor’s departure Malcom went up to his room to see him off only to find his friend’s charred corpse levitating above the bed. A broken window latch was found on the floor inside the room, magical interrogation of the body revealed that a large shape was spotted in the window.

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