Mikir the Noble



Dwarven Healing Plate +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, Storm Hammer +1.
Strength primary fighting style; hammer and shield.
Defender of the innocent and harbinger of peace.


Mikir is on a path of retribution. Shortly after his birth his hometown was razed to the ground by the Red Dragon Talik’Kor in order to procure an artifact of great power. Much is unknown of the attack and the artifact as Mikir was the only known survivor of the attack. Rescued by a band of missionaries they brought him to hammerfast where the church of Bahamut adopted him and taught him the ways of their holy order. Mikir now travels with Carrik Featherfall, Jarfin the Inquisitor and Migeul (brother to Osiris) in order to rectify the damage that is brought to this plane by chaos and hatred and searches to find justice and inner peace.

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Mikir the Noble

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