Miguel Frost



Only son of Avery Frost, Governor of Winterhaven and former adventurer of the Lands of Nerathi. And also brother to Leigh Frost(Osiris).

Flaming Longsword +1, Armor of Glory +1(Chain/Scale/Plate), Light Shield +1


Being the son of an adventurer and a famous one at that Miguel has it in his blood to go adventuring just like his father, Avery did. He has learned much from him and will use it to his advantage in his own adventures.

On a search for his little sister, Leigh Frost, who has run away, Miguel travels to Blackwall. When he gets there he finds that she has been murdered by Saral Caine. He finds her being carried by her comrades, Mikir the Noble, Jorfin the Inquisitor, and Carric Featherfall and at his request they agree to help him bring her body back to Winterhaven for a proper funeral.

In Winterhaven, disaster has struck and Miguel finds his other sister Bree dead, his mother has disappeared, and his father has attempted to kill himself. Luckily they arrive just as he is on the brink of death.

As a result of this, Miguel is filled with hatred towards Saral Caine and the demon, Pandolin (whom they have sent back to Hell but it may not be the last they see of him.) All of his energy is bent on revenge and he wants nothing more than to find his mother, if she still lives, and avenge the death of both of his sisters.

Miguel Frost

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