Carric Featherfall

Ranged Ranger


Carric Featherfall, the only child of one of the Elven councilmen in the glorious city of Silverfall. His father Alinar Featherfall, was once one of the city’s Elite Guards until beurocrasy took over and decided he was better suited as a city leader. Carric’s mother, being one of the gentlest creatures on the planet, is one of the forest’s Druids, watching and caring for the beautiful forest surrounding Silverfall.

At a young age, Alinar began training Carric in archery, learning aptly, he joined the forest guard at a younger age than most. His guard training had taught him survival, tracking, and wilderness lore, while defending his homeland with swift deftly placed arrows.

While doing rounds in the upper level of the Elven city, Carric began hearing wispers in a foreign language. Following these strange whispers he came upon a pack of creatures he had never seen nor heard of, creatures that looked part human and part rat. Alerting them of his arrival with an arrow placed nearby as a warning, the creatures instantly began to high-tail it. One of the creatures dropped a bracelet that Carric recognised as one of the councilwoman’s possessions. Alerting the other guards, Carric began to pursue the strange creatures. Chasing them through the enormity of the Silverfall forest, the creatures separated, Carric followed the one that had dropped the bracelet, the creature lead him on an overnight(several nights) chase to the strange, city of Blackwall. Following the creature through the city streets and back roads, Carric begins his adventure.

DM’s note: Awesome, I hope everyone else can write something as good.

Carric Featherfall

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