Jorfin the Inquisitor



Jorfin is a Dwarf born in Hammerfast, his mother died during child birth. His father died when he got sick working double-shifts in the mines to support Jorfin.

When Jorfin was 2, he was sent to live with his uncle Renkirk. Renkirk was extremely religious and had taken both a vow of poverty and celibacy. Renkirk religious zeal rubbed off onto Jorfin which led him to join the church at the age of 12.

Forty years later Jorfin is now an inquisitor for the church of Bahamut. He has been given many gritty and unlikable tasks. The church knows of Jorfin’s mentality and have used his blind faith to give him jobs other Clerics would question.

Jorfin the Inquisitor

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