Dead Barbarian


Head Slot- Horned Helm Armor Slot- Horned Tusk Armor


Gruumm grew up a child of the wilds, he made good on a threat most six-year-old’s make and ran away from home. He grew up in the mountains east of Hammerfast and lived off the land for fifteen years.

While Gruumm was hunting for bears in a small forested area of the mountain he met a female Gnome, Gruummette. Gruumm had meetings with civilization before but it was mostly to trade for goods and new equipment. Gruumm was smitten and it was only two years later that he was married and had a child. He was living in the small hamlet for years.

Gruumm came home from a hunting trip late one evening to find his home was broken into. He arrived just to late… Just as he entered his home he saw his dead child and his wife begging for her life. Before Gruumm could move to defend her she was cut down by a Dragonborn with blood red scales. The man was surrounded by four more Dragonborns: Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Black scaled. They appeared to be preforming a summoning ritual.

Gruumm lost the ensuing battle horribly and was left for dead. Gruumm awoke three days later to a village burned to ash, he walked into the mountains to resume his nomadic existence…

For over twenty years, until he heard a rumor of five multi-colored Dragonborns seen near Hammerfast again… He only knows one name- the name the Red Scaled leader, “Shane.”


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