Avery Frost


Governor of Winterhaven and Miguel and Osiris’ father.


Avery Frost is a well known adventurer in the Lands of Nerathi and because of this he has earned all the treasure and riches that anyone could ever want or need. Now he has made a comfortable life for himself and his family in Winterhaven. He is married to Simone an elf he met during one of his adventures and they have three children together: Miguel, Bree, and Leigh(Osiris).

Avery is very fond of his family and has shared his experiences with his sons and daughters. He wants them to succeed and live life the way he did. Although not all of them would agree.

As of late, Winterhaven has suffered a great disaster and many people were killed including his daughter, Bree. Thinking that all of his family was lost (Osiris had run away, Simone had disappeared and Miguel has gone risking his life with his friends to save the town) Avery attempts to take his own life. The guilt and sadness are too much for him. At the brink of death Jorfin the Inquisitor saves Avery and once he sees that Miguel is still alive he finds the will to live.

Avery Frost

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