Simone Frost


Mysterious being from the woods near Tower Watch. Mother to Miguel and Osiris. Married to Avery Frost


Not much is known about Simone Frost before she was found in the woods near Tower Watch.

When Avery Frost finds Simone she is wandering the woods alone as though she were a ghost and had been there for a very long time. Even looking a little translucent at times. The moment she lays her eyes on Avery her body seems to gain substance and she is ghostly no longer.

Obviously intrigued with Avery Frost she leaves her post in the woods but is it her beauty that makes Avery fall in love with her or some form of magic?

Her recent disappearance has caused much concern for Miguel and his father, Avery. Miguel has gone looking for her in the same woods she was found in. Whether she’ll be found or not will be told at a later time…

Simone Frost

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