Locke has spent almost all of his life working for House Ashenvale. Born into slavery Locke was trained to hunt and scout for Lord Ashenvale. Years of hard work and experience elevated Locke above the other slaves and Locke began to reap the rewards. The Lord of the house began to trust Locke more and more, Locke trained his two oldest children; Marcus and Juliet with the bow and was even given special tasks by the Lord. Some of these jobs included escorting the Lord and acting as a bodyguard, which slaves usually do not do.

Locke always had a keen eye for opportunity, which helped him get to where he was. When a situation presented itself that allowed Locke to move ahead in the world he took it without hesitation. Some would say it’s ruthlessness that got Locke where he is today, he would simply say his desire is greater then the other slaves.

After 50 years of service Lord Ashenvale died, leaving his eldest son, Marcus, to take the family reigns. Locke saw opportunity in the new Lord, he quickly allied himself with Marcus using the years of service as a foundation of trust. Locke also grew close to Marcus’s wife who also now found herself in a position of power. Locke worked his way into Marriette’s good graces and eventually her bed. She began to praise Locke to her husband, and he grew to trust Locke even more then many of his own advisers.

His alliances paid off four years later when Marcus discovered that he was not meant to be the new Lord. He had discovered his fathers journal describing how his youngest son, Jonah was meant to take head of the family. It was no mystery that the former Lord had preferred Jonah, the more academic of his two sons over Marcus and this would cause problems should he find out. Marriette offered Locke to remedy the situation in exchange for his freedom. Marcus accepted.

Four weeks after Jonah’s mysterious death and with the journal destroyed Marcus’s control over the estate was absolute and he kept his end of the bargain. Locke was given his freedom and the world awaited him.


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