Chronicles of Skythia

Session 4: Inheritance

November 2, 471 PI:

Mikir the Noble and Osiris/ Leigh Frost run into Carric Featherfall having a drink at the Gnoll and chew him out for his departure. After some rationalizing and discussion everyone heads for a rest.

In the morning Carric Featherfall heads to the market to see if his family heirloom has been fenced. He eventuall finds his way through the busy square to a greasy looking dwarven merchant who sell gems, jewellery and artisitc items. He does indeed have the amulet and is willing to sell it back for 1200 gp. In exchange for a small down payment he agrees to hold on to it for 2 weeks before offering it to other customers.

Shortly thereafter the party goes to collect it`s reward; Gauntlets of Ogre Power and 180 gp to split as Mikir the Noble wishes (the only original member). Carris Adolan then mentions the 100 gp Duncan stole. Mikir the Noble is not held responsible for the rogue`s actions, but does generously give back some of the money.

Noting the party is shorthanded Carris Adolan suggests they take along his friend Malcom who has done good work for him before.

Inquiring about the possibility of more work the part is told of two potential jobs: reclaming the town’s silver mine from humanoids or venturing to the abandoned Kincep manor to help a townsman lay claim to his title and lands. A reward of 2% of the mines silver production for 6 months is offered for the former job and 1200gp each for the latter. The party eagerly decides to follow the money, especially Carric Featherfall.

November 4, 471 PI:

After a short couple days of travel through the winding hills the party arrives at the gates of the abandoned estate. A man approaches the other side of the gate and who claims that the road is blocked and to meet him around back so he can help them enter.

Walking around the hedge surrounding the estate the pasty hears screams and animalistic snarls. As they push their way through the hedge they find the man they were previously talking to being attacked by an enormous wolf. Jumping to the rescue the oarty is shocked to discover it is a trap as the man attacks them with his wolf companion. After the large wolf is slain the man transforms into a wolf himself and flees towards the forest.

Worried about the possibility of werewolf attacks the party cautiously makes their way to the manor house proper, a dilapadated structure in dire need of maintenance. Examination of the ground floor turns up little than a messy house and a blood strewn kitchen and dining area, fecal matter is on everything. Further examination reveals a woman in rough shape who claims she and several others from farms in the region had been kept captive as food and that the others have all been eaten already.

Reassured by the heroes that the ground floor is empty the woman reluctantly agrees to wait behind at the bottom of the stairs while the ascend. At the top landing they see two doors ahead of them and a very hairy man blocking the way. After a heated exchange about werewolves and what’s going on Malcom fires a ray of frost at the man who retreats behind one of the doors. An audible click is heard as the door locks behind him

Undeterred the heroes bust through the door only to fins a floating incorporeal figure quite upset at having his research disturbed. After a length discussion it is learned that the “ghost” is the original owner of the manor and he allows them to grab a portrait of himself, an old family tree and a book of lineage and heraldry to allow his ancestor to prove or disprove his heritage. Departing and leaving a stream of cusses at the “werewolf” upstairs the group heads back to town.

November 6, 471 PI:

Arriving back in Black wall the party is rewarded by Mr. Kincep with 300gp each now and the rest promised to them after the records can be verified as authentic. A stream of protest is issued by the party but is ignored as the group is ushered out.

Sessions 1 to 3: Death & Taxes

November 1, 471 PI:

Upon arrival in Blackwall Mikir the Noble and Duncan are informed of an open call for adventurers in the massive keep at the center of town. After making their ways there and a short wait with several other would bes later, Carris Adolan introduces himself and inspects those present. Eventually he settles on Mikir the Noble and Duncan as his choice due to their lack of notoriety, dismissing the rest. The leader of The BlackHands objects and says that the job rightfully belongs to his group. Carris Adolan forcefully dismisses the man and divulges that the mission is to track down and bring him the ledger books of two delinquent businessmen; Tyrion and Pomponius. 180 gold pieces and a magical gauntlet are offered as a reward in addition to a charter that will allow them to openly carry arms in Blackwall.

On the way out Duncan fleeces the secretary out of 100 gp with a forged note.

After some negotiations with Tyrion and dispelling his fears about his honor being besmirched, the haphazard party is able to obtain his account book and an apology to Carris Adolan for his behavior in return for a promise to do the merchant a future favour.

Making their way through the town Mikir the Noble and Duncan break up a fight in a narrow alleyway, rescuing a young wererat, Valastion/Victor. In exchange for his rescue he offers information about accessing Pomponius’ estate from the sewers. He then proceeds to scamper off, mentioning that he can be found at the Gassy Gnoll Inn if his future services are required.

Carric Featherfall runs into the alley shortly thereafter having chased a were-rat thief from Silverfall to this spot where he has lost the trail. After discussing matters with Mikir the Noble and Duncan (who likes the sound of the missing trinket) the three decide to help each other out. Informing the watch about the thugs in the alley they head off to the Gassy Gnoll to see if they can find the were-rat.

Osiris/ Leigh Frost arrives in town, having recently departed the village of Winterhaven. She decides to check in with the temple of Bahamut and place a few prayers where she is told of another paladin of Bahamut who has recently arrived. Curiosity gets the better of her and she heads to the Gassy Gnoll to check things out.

Osiris/ Leigh Frost meets up with the other three and they decide to travel together for the time being. An inquiry with the barkeeper, Hank reveals that he doesn’t know of any were-rats or a Valastion, but a Victor just went up to his room with a young lady a few minutes ago.

Having hit at least a temporary dead end the party decides to try getting at Pomponius’ account book. After a brief discussion with the guards at the manor gates it becomes apparent that progress through the main gate is impossible. Instead of risking the walls the heroes decide to try the sewers instead.

Duncan manages to open a locked grate and the party handily climbs down into a surprisingly clean sewer system. Following Valastion/Victor’s directions the heroes are able to navigate their way through the labyrinth of tunnels in no time and arrive at a brick wall of fairly recent construction.

After some searching the keen eyes of Carric Featherfall spot a brick that looks slightly out of place and points it out to the others. Duncan eagerly pulls it out and the entire wall rotates around…

Revealing a dark room. Torch light shows a a recently bloodied altar in the centre and four sarcophagi along the walls. The metallic twinge of blood fills the air, and the stench of rotting flesh accompanies it. Soft wailing sounds can be heard from the dark passage ahead….

The party presses onward through the darkness; Duncan , too “afraid” to go on busies himself with searching the sarcophagi for loot. The other heroes stumble into a large room, and immediately find themselves best with the rotting form s of the walking dead, rending at their flesh and attacking them with dark energy. The battle goes poorly, until Duncan overcomes his “cowardice”(finding nothing to loot) and enters the fray. A few moments later, stabilized by the intervention, the party finds themselves victorious and angry at the half-man. A trap door is clearly visible in the ceiling and a rickety wooden ladder leans against the wall below it.

Having not expected to encounter undead Carric Featherfall wants no part in the rest of this and flatly tells the party that he will await them back at the Gassy Gnoll.

The rogue is the first up the ladder and with some difficult throws back the heavy trap door. It is quickly revealled that it opens underneath some straw bedding in a stable, the only present creatures are a few horses neighing quietly in their sleep.

Led by the steathy Duncan at point the heroes quickly make their way to the house, avoiding detection by the guards. With some careful prying by the rogue, the window is opened and quickly entered. Surprisingly steathy for a groups so heavily armed they make their way down to the west wing. Everything is running smoothly until some clanging is heard ahead. Carefully making her way forward Osiris/ Leigh Frost manages to sneak up to the doorway where the sound comes from and sees a cook cleaning dishes. Talking some time to think she realizes that the study is likely upstairs and the party heads towards the centre of the house.

The sound of laughter aheas echos down the halls bringing things to a halt. Once it is observed that the guards are well into their drink and dicing, the group inches past, and climbs the grand sweeping staircase.

Upstairs the party makes their way down one of the enormous halls checking behind several doors for threats and wisely ignoring the one with snoring behind it. Reaching the end of the hall they find a enormous grand doorway that must lead to Pomponius’ study.

The room is a terrible mess, blankets and plates piled up on and around the couch, papers & books everywhere, the desk surface buried beneath piles of documents. A search reveals a book of magical rituals on the bookshelf and a jewelled dagger inside the desk. After a long dig therough the mountain of papers on the desk a large red book with an eagle emblazoned on the cover is found, as Mikir the Noble picks it up it begins to glow with a fell light and levitates out of his grasp. The air shimmers as skeletal warriors step forth from it’s pages and attack.

After a long battle with the undead eventually only one skeleton is left, Mikir the Noble steps in an delivers a death blow, causing the skeleton to explode in a blast of jagged bone; Duncan is savaged and killed outright in the blast. Sneaking back the way they came, the two paladins grab the book and their dead comrade and quietly leave the house. Despite their dislike for the halfling he is left with the morgue keeper and a grave and headstone are purchased for him.

Exhausted and battered, the paladins head back to the Gassy Gnoll Inn for a well deserved rest.


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