Action and Narrative Points and Rules

Action Point (AP) Uses

Extra actions only 1 use per encounter, but multiple points can be spent in one encounter.

Default: Gain an extra action this turn of your choice (standard, move or minor)

Use an encounter power in place of a basic attack

Turn a hit to your character into a miss (make an attack roll, must beat attackers roll)

Take an action (1) during someone else’s turn (immediate interrupt), if an attack it must be a basic attack

Guaranteed Natural 20 on your next skill check to perform a combat stunt

Get a +3 bonus to your next saving throw, for death saves a 17-19 is treated as a 20

Permanently Move to a different position in the initiative order of your choice

Spend a Healing surge and get half your surge value in Temp HP

For the duration of the encounter a power of your choice has the “reliable” keyword, ignore all effects on a miss

Use a daily/encounter/utility power from your class that you don’t possess it uses a slot of equal or higher level and uses an extra minor action

Narrative Point (NP) Uses & Costs

All actions should be appropriate to the character as portrayed thus far.

Many other uses are possible this is just a guideline/examples.

We Will Meet Again: When you reduce a significant foe to 0HP you may allow it to escape with a few parting words. -1 points

I Don’t Like Your Tone: Make an NPC hate you, come up with a reason/story why. -1 points if secret, 1 if known

Mutable Plot: Add or Change a plot detail “The Orcs of greenwood are known for their …….X and Y and like Z”. 1 point

I Told You I Had This One: A d20 roll for a skill check is assumed to be 11 (declare before rolling). 1 point

I know just the guy/place: Create an NPC/Location with history/flavour. 1 point

Don’t I know You?: Establish that you already have a relationship with an NPC that you just met. 1 point

So That’s Where I Put it: Need a rope, torch, etc but you forgot to bring it? Of course you didn’t forget. 1 point

They Totally are: Declare NPCs as lover’s, romantic interests, petty squabblers, etc. 1point

What Evil Lurks In The Hearts of Elves?: Choose the result of a successful Insight or Perception check instead of DM. 1 point

Get to the Point: Choose the result of a successful knowledge skill check instead of hearing the DM’s take. 1 point

Screw the rules: Perform a stunt or action the rules wouldn’t normally allow. 1 point per rule breaking

Deus ex Machina: Add a piece of terrain to a combat encounter. 1 point per 2 sqs

Get a Clue: either the DM or Player creates a clue that helps solve a problem at hand. 2 points DM or 1 point Player

You’ll Do What You’re Told: Decide how an NPC reacts to an event or conversation (and why). 2 points

Blood Splattered Armor is Sexy: An NPC develops feelings of love or lust for your character. 2 points

You Owe Me One Jack: Call in a somewhat risky favour from an NPC. 2 points

Did You See His Emblem?: Create a faction or group in a region. 2 points

I Grew up There: Add a location to a region/world map. 2 points

WestSiide!: Declare a strong feud/rivalry/friendship between NPCs or groups where one doesn’t already exist. 3 points

Gaining Narrative Points

Strong Roleplay

Creating a Memorable Encounter

Brave & Selfless Deeds

3 points awarded to all players at start of session

All unspent points are lost at the end of a session

1 awarded per milestone

Gaining Action Points

1 awarded per milestone

When you roll a natural 20 you may forgo the effects of a critical hit

Reset to 1 per tier at the end of each session

Action and Narrative Points and Rules

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