Black Wall

The town of Black Wall is named for the large obsidian castle that lies at it’s heart. The town was original established on the Nentir river in the year 54 PI as a military camp to keep watch over the northlands, the already present castle made it a natural and easily defendable choice. Over the years it quickly grew into one of the largest settlements in the region aided by convenient trade routes and highly arable land. It was one of the few places able to maintain a steady output of food during the great drought. It current houses over 7000 permanent residents with many more living in the surrounding area.

Once run by an Imperial Legate; the town is now governed by an elected council, one council member for each race that has more than 250 citizens. These are Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Human and Tiefling. Despite a sizeable population of half-elves, there is no half-elf seat; this is because a half-elf can run(or vote for) either the human or elf chair.

Council Meetings are held in the keep and can be either open or closed to the public. All councillors also have offices in the keep, office hours are typically midmorning to midafternoon and can be visited by appointment only.

Notable People & Locales

The Gassy Gnoll Inn: Created during the gnoll wars and so named to create some levity and lighten the mood, the Gassy Gnoll has been a staple of military types and guardsmen since it’s inception. Today it is one of the most popular establishments in Black Wall, due to it’s fine ale and loose rules on gaming. It’s current proprietior, Hank is an amiable sort who is always free to lead a patron who’s had a bit too much to a room to sleep it off.

Teldorthan Trading House: A large trading company that keeps its headquarters in Blackwall due to the excellent trade routes. It has an exclusive contract with Hammerfast to sell tin, lead and copper products from it’s mines as well as arms and armor of dwarven make in the Nethir Vale. Can occasionally import rare and illusive items from elsewhere although this can take weeks or months to achieve.

Azaer House: The trading establishment owned by Tyrion They deal in both everday items as well as some rarities although not to the extent of the Teldorthan House. Generally reasonable prices and a very popular place to shop with the local people.

Naerumar Imports: Owned and operated by the few halflings that live in Blackwall, they sell spices, silks and other exotic (and generally expensive) goods from across the sea.

Longshoreman Fellowship: An organized union of porters, loaders and sailors who do freelance work for ships and merchant companies. One of the largest organizations in Blackwall and a very racially diverse group. To increase their profitability they have purchased most of the warehouses near the docks, ensuring ships that dock in Blackwall use their services. Often rumored to have ties to organized crime although nothing has ever been proven.

Pelor’s Crystal Cathedral: Before the empire fell the church of Pelor wanted to build a monument to the success of the Empire and Pelor’s glory. Through clever politiking Blackwall was eventually chosen as the site. A glorius temple constructed entirely of quartz crystal was built and when the sun reaches it’s zenith the interior is filled with beautiful rainbows. For this reason most services are held near the noon bell to showcase Pelors spledor. Despite the beautiful cathedral the church is in decline in Blackwall; the long drought was largely blamed on Pelor by the residents and many have turned from him.

The head priest is Jonis Redflod an elderly Elf man who is begining to show the signs of infirmity.

Bahamut Temple: A relatively plain temple of stone construction, Bahamut’s faith is the largest in town and has received many of those who have turned from Pelor. The temple also houses a small hot-spring which is very popular with residents and for a large donation will let groups reserve it entirely for their own use. Offers small daily jobs to the less fortunate for a small stipend and runs the town’s only orphanage.

Janna Lardan is the Head Priest a young attractive Human woman who is kind to a fault although flighty at times.

Pillars of Kord: The Kordite faith is the third major faith in Blackwall and despite being behind both of the other two temples in size still boasts a sizeable number of beleivers. The church is so named as it is an open air temple with simply 4 marble pillars and an altar as the strong should be able to deal with the elements.

The head priest is a well muscled, tall human man named Karvin Thinblade. He seems arrogant and contemptuous towards others, but can often be found at the forefront when his strength can be put to good use helping others.


Black Wall

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