Chapter 1 Summary

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After the battle of Winterhaven, things quieted down on the Nerathi continent. The invading hordes of dragonborn were pushed back, but not driven off entirely, they founded a small colony of their own in the southwestern most peninsula. An uneasy peace reins for the time being, but further conflict seems inevitable and small skirmishes break out frequently, any of which could re-ignite an all-out war.

The temporary alliance between the resurrected Nerathi Empire and Duccal was ended as the threat has abated for nowl although a strong trade partnership remains.

Life in the Empire has returned mostly to normal, things are more tense and many fields run fallow as many of the young lads that would be tending their crops have been conscripted into the standing army. Several new laws have been inacted that restrict some of the average citizens freedom’s but they are largely accepted as necessary in light of recent events and are only loosely enforced in all but the largest towns.

The elves of the Winterbole Forest sent a diplomatic envoy to the capital apologizing for their inactivity in regards to the recent threat, but stated they are saving themselves for the far greater threat to come. Leaving a gift and a prophecy the evoy returned to the forest:

_Blinded by the lance of fire
The moon's tears fill the sky
The lurking beast ascends ever higher
All will fight, or all will die_

Rumors in the east abound about a prince in hiding awaiting to reclaim a lost throne and although it seems a fanciful tale there have been several minor uprisings as small groups of dissidents play on these rumors to aid in their own schemes.

The last 5 years have passed relatively un eventfully, but there are always enough problems cropping up that any administrator or adventurer for that matter could easily have spent all that time fixing such issues if they had so desired; the The BlackHands made quite the name for themselves in fact.

Chapter 1 Summary

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