Common Institutions

Teldorthan Trading House: A large trading company that keeps its headquarters in Blackwall due to the excellent trade routes. It has an exclusive contract with Hammerfast to sell tin, lead and copper products from it’s mines as well as arms and armor of dwarven make in the Nethir Vale. Can occasionally import rare and illusive items from elsewhere although this can take weeks or months to achieve.

Moonstar Trading Company: A large and prosperous Eladrin and Elf run trading company with outposts in several towns. Sells a small selection of goods, but primarily offers a delivery service; guaranteed delivery of anything to anywhere for a large enough fee.

Gulliver & Sons Bank: Offers loans, moneychanging (including paper notes) and banking services. Due to it’s essential service, many of the smaller towns that house one of their branches offer it tax-free status.

Mombia’s Mancatchers: A large mercenary company with branches in many cities and towns. They are often hired as body guards for merchant caravans and have an excellent reputation as skilled warriors. The business started as a bounty hunting company (hence the name), but quickly expanded to other jobs as well. Mombia is the owner and rumored to be a great fighter, but few have ever actually claimed to meet him. General service terms are: an equal portion of all treasures found is given to the mancatchers, standard fee is 50gp +10gp/day +25 gp per hazardous encounter, Minimum pay is 100gp for a low risk job and 250 gp for a high risk job, exception jobs will have a higher quoted price. Occassionally favoured or repeat customers can get a discounted rate.

Black Wall

Common Institutions

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