Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge throughout the Realm


The Year is broken up into 12 months of 30 days each(January through December)

The Week is seven days long(Sunday to Saturday)

Years are currently numbered using the Post Imperium(PI) count, starting with the year the former Nerathi Empire was founded.

Common Holidays throughout the land include: Harvest festival, New Years(Spring Equinox), and a Summer Festival. Names often vary by region, but the celebrations largely involve feasting, dancing and games of skill, strength & luck.


Temperate to Sub arctic depending on the region. Blizzards can hit the north and mountains months after winter has ended.

Winter typically lasts from late November to Late March or early April in most regions. Average snow fall is anywhere from 2-15 feet depending on location.

Spring & Fall are both fairly short lasting typically 1-1/2 to 2 months. Rain is often a constant during the spring and high winds often signal the start of fall.

Summer usually lasts from June through September, but temperatures and precipitation can very wildly within the space of a day. Blazing hot to near freezing is not unheard of even over the course of a single day.

Common Laws

Thieves lose their ring finger and a hand upon second offense.

Banditry is punishable by death; if capable those so waylaid may carry out the verdict.

Capital Crimes (Rape, Murder, Treason, Arson) shall result in the guilty being hung from the neck until dead, imprisoned for life, fined 100 000 pieces of silver of equal weight to the old imperial standard, recompensation to the victim/family; or as is often the case some combination of the above.

In some areas citizens may not be executed except for the crime of high treason.

Citizens often have the right to call for a magister to issue claims for civil matters. This is not the case in every jurisdiction however.

Rumors & Myths

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Common Institutions

Common Knowledge

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