After the demise of the Nerathi Empire a few dwarf clans saw the opportunity to claim large swaths of the ore rich Dawnforge mountains for their own, thus the city-state of Hammerfast was born in the year 431 PI. Hammer fast produces iron, copper, nickel and silver ores primarily although the occasional vein of gold or gemstones is discovered. All of the metals other than silver are commonly exported as well as refined steel, finished tools and weapons and a fine (and expensive) ale known as Hammer Stout.

Entrance to Hammerfast is restricted by the Caverns of Colius. Anyone wishing to enter the mountain city must venture through the tunnel beneath the mountain before emerging on the mountain side. It is kept relatively well lit and well paved most of the time, and typically takes about an hour to walk through, it is more than large enough for caravans and carts to travel two abreast. In times of war it serves as an excellent choke point to restrict investment of the city by enemy forces.

Hammerfast is ruled by Thane Eberk Sternshield he has ruled since Hammerfast’s inception. His office is reveiwed by the chuch of Bahamut every decade and as long as he is found healthy, his rule is sustained.

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