History of the Nerathi Empire

Nerathi History

Founding of the Empire (0-5 PI) A warring collection of city-states, the Human settlements of the Nerath Plains were rapidly depleting their strength; a situation the savage humanoids in the region and their monsterous allies were more than happy to exploit. As things began to get dire a war leader emerged. Damakos Orana united the seperate regions into a cohesive whole and presented a solid front to the enemies of humanity. Within the space of a few years the savages were defeated culminating in the battle of Cillundar in which the mighty dragon Fastomiel was slain in single combat with Damakos. Shortly thereafter Orana was crowned First Emperor of the Nerathi Empire. History has remembered him fondly, he is often referred to as “The Guardian of Humanity” by scholars.

The Middle Years (150-330 PI) For many years the Empire enjoyed prosperity and wealth as it’s borders rapidly expanded, encompassing the entire contininent and then beyond. Aided by discoveries found in ancient Arkhosian ruins and the funds of conquest, it seemed the days of prosperity and growth would never end, but of course this was not the case.

Drawn forth by a charismatic leader known as the White Ruin and thoughts of plundering the vast wealth of the Empire, a mighty horde of Gnolls and Demons set forth capturing loot, slaves and sacrifices to their demonic god. Battle raged for nearly a decade until one last push by Emperor Elidyr and his honour guard cut to the heart of the gnoll force and slew the White Ruin. Elidyr’s victory was sadly short lived however as he was pulled down to the Abyss with Yeenoghu’s champion, where it is said he battles on to this day.

The War was won, but at enormous cost; most of the young were slain on the fields of battle and much of the Empire’s territory had been razed including the capital city of Nerath itself. The capital was moved Northwest to Towerwatch, but the slow decline of the Nerathi Empire had begun.

Age of Enlightenment (375-427 PI) The reign of the last emperor is widely regarded by historians as the age of knowledge. Libraries, temples and Universities were built largely improving the quality of living for the populace. Most have since fallen into ruin and disrepair as they have been neglected and pillaged for materials for other things deemed more essential the last few decades although a few have been maintained.

The End of an Era (405-427 PI) The final nail in the coffin of the Empire was a repressive drought that struck most of the grain belt. Wildfires ravaged the tinder dry plains, destroying root systems that took decades to establish. Unable to properly feed it’s citizens many died of starvation, riots were widespread. Finally in what proved to be the last year of the drought Emperor Tiberius Orana was assasinated during his 75th birthday celebrations. With his heirs dead to disease during the drought, he would be the last of the Orana line. Without a strong leader, the Empire rapidly dissolved into small city states and fiefdoms as small warlords vied for power.

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History of the Nerathi Empire

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