House Rules

House Rules

Abilities & Powers:

Wizard orb implement penalties only last for one saving throw (like the other implement abilities).

Viper’s Strike (Warlord at-will): Change text to include self in Opportunity Attacks on shifting foes. This makes the power decent I feel.
Combat Related:

Add +1 to hit, damage and all defenses at level 1, this increases by 1 at 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, & 26th levels

Critical Hits deal an additional d6 damage at level 1, this increases by 1 die at 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st & 26th levels

No expertise feats: +1 at paragon and +2 at epic to all attacks (I don’t like a feat tax as a system fix).

Add 1/2 level to damage (players and monsters too) to speed up combat. If you attack multiple times this only applies to the FIRST attack roll not all of them.

A charge attack can not be made if another attack action (standard) has been made in the round.

Temp HP do not stack (regardless of class features) and you may not gain temp HP if you have any left. ex: Paladin uses Bolstering Strike to gain 3 Temp HP, paladin takes 1 damage and now has 2 Temp HP left. Paladin will not go back to 3 Temp HP if Paladin uses Bolstering Strike again until Paladin has 0 Temp HP remaining.

“Elite” Minions have 2 HP and resist all (level/5) : 1 damaging hit bloodies them, a 2nd kills them. A Critical Hit will auto-kill them . If other resistances are higher they will be used. They count as 1/4 XP of an equal level standard monster.

Normal by the book minions will be 1/8th XP of an equal level standard monster
Magic Items & Rituals:

Rituals are revised. See the PHB1 Ritual sheet for details.

Magic Item creation maybe possible, but it won’t go by any precise formula.(1e/2e style).

Magic items scale with the wielder if they are not weapons, implements, armor or neck items these items no longer carry +’s

Magic Items are rare: they are only very rarely for sale, but that will not be the norm by any stretch. Potions and one-shot items may be available in some places however.
Skills & Roleplaying:

No Diplomacy or Intimidate Skills. Not much of a change from how we play, might as well make it official. Anything that boosts these will boost other skills, discuss with DM.

Leave the alignment box blank on your character sheet; show me (ie: roleplay), don’t tell me.
Big & General Changes:

Action Point & Narrative Point Systems and all modifications in effect(see page/sheet).

Daily Powers are now per Session powers, to cut down on the “No dailies left, rest time” that occurs fairly frequently. However every 2 milestones one daily will recharge.

Healing Surges will also replenish at milestones. 2 surges are restored per milestone +1 for defenders, you may forgo gaining an Action Point to recover 2 more surges. One additional Action Point (if any are left) may be spent as well for 2 surges when a milestone is reached.

Milestones are every 2 encounters this includes significant roleplaying ones.

An extended rest will replenish your bloodied value in HP, but no Healing Surges. Note that an extended rest can only be taken every 24 hours.

House Rules

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