Mikir's Log

Logbook of Mikir the Noble :

There has been a murder in the city. We have been asked solve the puzzle and bring justice to the assailents. This city’s corruption runs deep, but somehow I feel remorse for if there were only peace in this world I would loose my place as defender. Truly good cannot exist without evil. -Mikir

Jorfin the Inquisitor has made a deal with the devil. “The Boss” now owns my friend. The saddest part is that not even a little bit of good has come from this. The deal was made to ruin a good Dwarf’s career. Jarfin cannot see the flaw in his compromise. -Mikir

Osiris/ Leigh Frost was perhaps my closest companion so far being a fellow follower of Bahamut. She died well, but I imagine her soul still lingers in what to her must be a turbulent atmosphere. The “puppeteer” who controls her village has not been brought to justice. I will try to find a way to bring justice and let her soul rest. -Mikir

Our band was united with Osiris/ Leigh Frost’ brother Miguel Frost perhaps now is the time to free Osiris/ Leigh Frost’ town from evil. -Mikir

The journey to Winterhaven was frought with peril as we were forced to cross a trecherous pass in a blizzard. My fellow Jorfin the Inquisitor almost expired from the journey. The adventures’ life is so inconsistant, nothing like life with the church. These rations are also starting to get on my nerves. They taste like dried pellets of tree bark. I can’t wait until we get to Miguel Frost’s home so I can have some real food. -Mikir

Demons seem to be never truly defeated. The demon controlling the village was sent back to hell. I would chase his empty soul to the ends of the earth, but hell I cannot bear. Perhaps someday I can find a way to bring justice to the darkest corners of the universe. -Mikir

We spent the winter in Winterhaven my campanions are bitterous for the cold and lack of adventure. My cold scales do not feel the winter like they do though and I am grateful for the time of solitude and concentration. Miguel also seems to enjoy the winter here. -Mikir

We are back in Black wall and much like before it is faced with turmoil. Those filthy Gnolls have betrayed any peace they shared with us. Is it ambition or merely bloodlust that fuels their desire for destruction? The winter was perhaps too restful for me and now I am reminded of my patonce. I will once again defend this land with renewed Vigor. -Mikir

I am horribly ill. I can barely write words down or lift my hammer. My friends became allied with a new traveller and fought a new enemy. My illness prevents me from taking action. -Mikir

Mikir's Log

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