Oasis The Shining Citadel

Isolated in the south central region of the Great Desert, the great city of Oasis is built atop a massive underground aquafier. It contains so much water that it will often sell water to other cities for massive sums of gold. Huge, well guarded caravans hauling water to the northern cities is a common sight in the desert; rarely attacked except by the most desperate as anyone that attacks a water caravan is usally met with brutal savagery by the would be reciepients as well as the seller.

Despite the liquid wealth the common people do not share in it, excepting on holidays they too must pay for their water (although less than non-residents). The ruling elite have grown wealthy and prosperous on this resource for centuries, spending it on grandoise monuments to enhance the city’s profile and immortalize it’s rulers. The common people tend to suffer as they are continously shuffled about as new monuments are erected, used harshly as cheap labour and swept under the rug when foreign dignetaries arrive for a visit.

This has had the effect of creating a substantial tourist industry as the effete wealthy from other cities often pay visits to see the monuments as part of their education or to alleviate the boredom. A substantial middle class has sprung up to cater to the tourists, and a wide variety of goods and services are available in this rapidly growing city.

Despite the growing tourist trade, the city is highly militarized and is kept extremely orderly. A strict curfew is in place and all crimes are punished severely. Slaves are kept indentured indefinitely and any slave that is not completely obedient will be whipped on a first offense and killed on a second.

Oasis The Shining Citadel

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