The Spireland Hills

The lands to the east of Hammerfast were hit hardest by the great drought. With only light forestation the hilly terrain could not retain much water, coupled with effects of the drought the land could do little to support permanent settlements. Almost all of the towns were abandoned for more survivable cities such as Black Wall. Some of the hardier peoples remained in the hills, living as nomads, wandering the area, they have grown accustomed to life as foragers and hunters.

After a few decades only the fittest remain. Most inhabitants dwell in small tribes, primarily Dwarves and Humans, although scattered groups of Goliaths and Dragonborn and goblinkin are not unheard of. Tribes never reach very large numbers; many abandon the tribal ways to live an easier life in one of the settlements on the east coast, and the harsh environment ensures that large populations cannot be supported.

The land stretches from the mountains around Hammerfast to the sea to the east. The further east one travels the more hospitable the land becomes, small forests and even the rare farm can be seen. The largest of these forests is where the land takes its name from, the Spirewood; an enormous gloom ridden wood of twisted, spiral like trees,straining for every advantage. Along the coast are some permanent settlements, towns and villages that barely survived the fall of the empire and are just now contemplating their rise from ruin. When they trade, the nomads usually chose these settlements as they are easier to reach than Hammerfast.

The land is mostly featureless, the only detail the clear blue sky and what few clouds drift by. For miles all that can be seen are ruddy brown hills and the odd stand of brush.

A strange phenomena that occurs is the shifting statues. Often times when travelling through the region a statue of an armor clad warrior in a battle pose may be encountered, but be gone the next time you are in the same spot. Several different statues are known to exist although their purpose is purely speculation. Many rumors are spoken about how the statues came to be, some believe that they were crafted after great warriors and some believe they were cursed by a Medusa. Many do not even believe they exist, that they are merely an illusion.

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The Spireland Hills

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