Tower Watch

A large metropolis that lies on the White River, in the midst of a large clearing(400 sq miles) of the Harkenwold Forest. It is the former capital of the now defunct Nerathi Empire; once home to more than 200,000 souls it now boasts less than half that number. Despite it’s decline it is still the largest city on the continent and a massive hub of trade & commerce.

It is named for the large clocktower that dominates the center of the town, it was there when the town was founded hundred of years ago and has long since ceased being a topic of discussion, it just is.

The city is currently administered by Sir Tamil Coldfane and his staff.

Entrance & Exit to the city is currently taxed fairly heavily, this is to maintain the road system that allows all of the commerce to take place and to ensure the city and surrounding environs has sufficent defenses.

Key attractions in the city are the Clocktower,the public baths, the Imperial Library as well as a bustling market district that has almost anything you could imagine for sale, if you have the money.

Many houses and business remain abandoned and boarded up, the city offers tax incentives to anyone interested in buying into the Ghosttown, but it is a tough sell due to the maintenance that many of the structures require and the criminal element that thrives there.

Tower Watch

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